Anti-depressants and Violence – “The SSRI Defense”

By Ann Blake Tracy    see

After spending 20 years working to educate the public about antidepressants, the majority of these posts demonstrate I have accomplished almost nothing!! Media advertising does FAR MORE than research ever thought of doing in the way of educating the public!!

After spending 17 years as an expert witness in such cases here are a few facts:

– The Japanese Health Ministries (their version of our FDA) warned just two weeks ago that there is a CAUSUAL connection between antidepressants and violence.

– When the FDA put the Black Box Warning for suicide on antidepressants anticipating that many would drop off medication, they issued a warning about withdrawal. They warned that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant, whether going up or down, can produce suicide, HOSTILITY, or psychosis – generally manic psychosis which also includes rage.

– Research has demonstrated over the last 30 years that impairing one’s ability to metabolize serotonin (the so called therapeutic effect of antidepressants) will produce mania (Bipolar Disorder), psychosis, implusive murder and suicide, violent crime, argumentative behavior, etc. (Don’t expect that your doctor has read the research because he is too busy listening to the drug rep give his sales pitch.)

– Many more cases won in court can be found listed at One such case that went to court as a wrongful death case was that of Donald Schell in WY. He had taken only two doses of Paxil when he shot his wife, daughter and infant granddaughter before shooting himself. The jury ruled the evidence was clear that the two Paxil were the main cause and awarded $6.4 Million to what was left of the family after their encounter with an antidepressant.

– Zoloft is what Brynn Hartman was on when she killed her famous comedian husband Phil and then herself. That wrongful death case filed by the Hartman children was settled by Pfizer.

Ann Blake-Tracy, PhD International Coalition for Drug Awareness www.drugawareness.orgA

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