July 12th, 2007






Dear Doctor Weeks, 




Today I want to write to you about my continuing improvement under your care.


Remember I have been suffering from fibro-myalgia-like pain, weight gain, fatigue and anxiety. Life seemed to be difficult to be lived and I turned to you for hope and help.

Today I had a routine checkup with my primary care physician and she was very happy with the result of her examination. My weight is slowly, but surely going down, my pains are mostly memory; I am doing my daily work with joy and a new confidence. As you know, I am seeing patients in my Naturopathic clinic for 3 days and teaching young adults for the other 3 days of the week.

While I can feel the benefits of the regiment of supplements you’ve put me on, I have to say, the real breakthrough came with the use of XYREM!!!

After such a deep sleep I can feel the difference of my sense of wellbeing in the morning. Interestingly, my weight only moves when I use it and my pains are most forgotten then also.

I am a happier, calmer, more active person now, and instead of thinking about the end of life, I plan to walk in the fall the ”˜Camino de Campostella’, a 1000km trail through the Pyrenees in Spain.

I still have ways to go, but who doesn’t.

The one complaint I have: Why is XYREM so terribly expensive?

Please stay on my team and ”˜thank you’ for being on it in the first place!



Dr ___________ MD, ND





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