Four Years from now

Dr. Weeks Comment:

Can USDA be Accused of Foolishness?

Nobody can accuse the United States Department
of Agriculture (USDA) of foolishly spending taxpayer’s
dollars by investing $1 million in a wasteful manner.

USDA has only spent $987,048 foolishly.

USDA is funding a three-university four-year study
which will involve cows on 300 dairy farms in New
York, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

(*NOTE: This news appeared on page 435 of the
July, 2009 issue of Hoard’s Dairyman, The National
Dairy Farm Magazine.)

Dairy scientists will determine differences between
cow health on traditional dairy farms and organic
dairy farms.

In keeping with America’s new fiscal conservatism,
USDA is funding this study for $987,048.

Why couldn’t they throw in the extra $12,952 and
hit the magic number? I could tell them the answer
to this ridiculously absurd not-so-badly needed
research before dairy scientists even begin.

Four years from now, the research will be published.
People will forget that USDA spent nearly a million
dollars during America’s severe financial crisis;
not to stimulate the economy, but to stimulate
the study of cow manure.

Four years from now, when the study is published
in the International Journal of Pus & Pudding,
researchers will conclude:

“There were no significant differences found in cow
health between cows on organic and traditional farms.”

Money poorly spent?

Assign the task to me. I’ll guarantee that I won’t
charge USDA more than $750,000…

Robert Cohen

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