From Down Under – less MS with less EMF

From: Stephen____________________
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 4:55 AM
To: ‘Dave Stetzer’; ‘Bradford S. Weeks’
Subject: Future MRI Scans


 Thank you for the contact. Always happy to support Stetzer Electric Inc.  I

will wait for some communication from Brad in the first instance, but he

will have copy of this email which gives him an update of my current



Mate, I was thinking I would take some good quality photos of my previous

MRI Scans from 2001 and the latest 2008 scans. Haven’t tried to take a photo

of an xray before, but I think I can do it, or I’ll send you the originals.

I believe this will help you when discussing MS situations with collegues.

You will then be able to see the differences in the parts of the brain for

yourself.  The scans may not look fantastic or significantly diminished, but

you can see that the process is started and of course,on-going. And of

course any dimishing in size and prominence of the demylating plagues is all

we could ever have hoped for.  It’s like waking-up from a bad dream

(nightmare!)and thinking I’m okay.  I have another scan due in 24 months and

they will be even better! 


Here’s the key for me.  I have installed around 24 GS Filters, and the

improvement is even more pronounced and astonishing (than 15-20 previously

fitted) in terms of leg lifting, walking without the feeling of falling and

tripping over myself and now some running,all this since increasing the

number of filters.  This is so important, you can’t be stingy and skimp on

the number of filters you fit if you want great and dramatic results like

mine.  Headaches have all just about completely gone. Pain in the limbs as

well as pins and needles (numbness) in feet, hands and fingers have

diminished to almost nothing. My mind is sharper, with depression, or bad

negative thinking improved significantly. More relaxed and not so nervous

and tense. Looking much younger and my outlook is much brighter as is

impatience and general attitude to problem solving far better.  (You can see

how AD/HD children would benefit.) 


Anyway, I would assume that the photos (pics.) will be helpful, so I will

attempt to do something right away. They may give you (and collegues even)

greater confidence of the effectiveness of the filters in people suffering

MS/extreme fatigue and associated problems. However, proper (MS) diet with

adequate water intake as well celtic sea salt, vitamins and mineral and

Omega’s 3; 6 and 9 (“good fats” in a 2:1:1 ratio) are absolutely critical

for a good recovery.


Hope you and your wife are going very well and winter is almost over! (But

not for us, temps dropping to 12-14o in morning, but a nice 18-20+o during

the day, but winter is closing in.)



Kind Regards



Stephen  ________________


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