GOP Moralist Congressman Fossella shuns his gay sister (yet has two wives and two families in two different cities…)

Despite being under fire for starting a second family in D.C. while his wife remained home with their children, drunk-driving Republican congressman is still showing his GOP colors by shunning his gay sister and her partner (from

Monday, May 12th 2008, 4:00 AM

Vito Fossella built a career as a staunch “family values” pol, polishing his image in his predominantly Catholic district with a string of anti-gay votes.

He even shuns his gay sister, Victoria Fossella, refusing to go to family events if she and her partner attend, a source close to the family said.

His double life is now exposed with the news he has a 3-year-old love child with a divorced Air Force colonel, and critics are calling him a hypocrite.

“Has the Catholic Church now sanctioned adultery?” asked John Adrian, a 64-year-old gay activist on Staten Island.

“That just makes him that more hypocritical.”

As congressman, Fossella voted to prohibit any funding for joint adoptions by gay couples.

He has voted for the Marriage Protection Amendment, a federal prohibition on gay marriage.

He also demanded housing funds be held back from San Francisco unless it repealed its domestic partnership law.

Victoria Fossella is openly gay and marched in Staten Island’s gay pride parade with her partner, according to an article published in Gay City News.

She adopted twins who were delivered by her partner, according to the story.

“She is known in the gay community and she is known in the gay community as an out lesbian,” Adrian said.

A man who answered the door yesterday at Victoria Fossella’s house refused to talk to a reporter.

“Nobody in the gay community likes [Vito Fossella],” Adrian said. “That speaks to his opposition to gay rights legislation.”

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