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There is a new emagazine that you may find of interest it can be found at

The EM Radiation Research Trust’s main website is

Catherine eMagazine

In the May :

1. EHS – A New Illness Emerges
It started with telegraph technicians. Now we are all feeling the effects of an electrified world.

2. Earth Frequencies
Natural electricity, the way it was meant to be.

3. Wireless Communicators
Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s must-have technology, (and tomorrow’s enemy?)

4. EMF News
Health departments and cancer specialist warns staff of improper cell phone use.

5. The INTERPHONE Project
A 13-country epidemiological study of tumors among users of mobile phones.

6. Dangers Of Unsafe Cell Phone Use
High powered electrical devices and their effect on your (and your children’s) future.

7. Cell Phone Masts
Are they safe? Anti-cell tower crusaders have taken to the streets and airwaves to alert us of the dangers.

8. Europe Votes To Limit Cell Towers
The European Parliament has voted to adopt policies that will make for safer radiation standards.

9. Portable Phone Dangers
Having trouble sleeping? Could be the cordless phone base station on your night stand.

10. WiFi: How does it affect your health?
Entire cities are now providing wireless access for your computer. To some it is “electrosmog.” Could it have serious consequences to public health?

11. Microwave Ovens: History & Hazards
Bad beginnings, bad vibrations.
Fast food = less vitamins = short lifespan.

12. Book Reviews
Knowledge will set you free… if you use it. The dangers of EMF are rarely reported in the news, but you will find many sources in the printed word.

13. Dirty Electricity
Electricity in the air and in the water?

14. Detecting & Measuring Radiation
Uncover the invisible, see the unseen, hear the unheard.

15. EHS & Body Toxins: Mercury
Dentistry and the effects of radiation on your fillings.

16. Featured Travel Destination: Liechtenstein
Electrosmog-free: priceless. A tiny European country is boldly striving to throw off the weight of cell tower radiation to become a haven from EMFs.

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