One problem with the proposed health care bill

 there is nothing laudable about it!

There are “no laudable parts” in the “health care reform” bill, say AAPS members

July 26th, 2009

In a letter to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), which like many medical organizations has expressed some reservations about reform bills “in their current form,” AAPS President Mark Kellen, M.D., of Rockford, Ill., writes: “The entire logic of H.R. 3200 is flawed and is based on decreasing patient choices and ultimately transferring control to the federal government…. The bill has no laudable parts.”

A coalition of some 17 state medical associations and three specialty societies discussed distancing itself from the AMA and opposing the inclusion of a public insurance option. The Medical Association of Georgia is “opposed to the creation of a public option under any circumstances,” said executive director David Cook (Congress Daily AM 7/16/09).

The American Society of General Surgeons (ASGS) issued a statement opposing certain features of the public option: the use of the Medicare reimbursement system, and the automatic enrollment of surgeons who participate in Medicare.

So far, none other than AAPS has issued a statement of unqualified opposition, and physicians are threatening to resign from societies that endorse the bill or offer only tepid objections.

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