So who put the fluoride in your water?


by Joe Mercola DO

If you are enlightened and aware of the dangers and the many reasons to avoid fluoride in all its forms, you probably wonder how on earth fluoride could ever be approved and used for preventive health.

The issue of fluoride for health truly boggles the mind in its absurdity.

The video above contains my full-length interview with Dr. Bill Osmunson, a dentist who has become an expert on, and advocate against, fluoride. If you prefer to read the interview in its entirety, you can download the transcript by clicking the on the source link below.

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  A Special Interview With Dr. Bill Osmunson (Transcript)

Dr. Mercola''s Comments Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

So, with all the evidence against fluoride, how did water fluoridation come about?

The key to understanding how fluoride was introduced into the public health system is to understand how most commercial fluoride is created. 

So sit back into your most comfortable chair and let me enlighten you on the fraud, corruption and misrepresentation that has allowed fluoride to become common in most municipal water supplies, and how nearly every health care professional is convinced that it is a major public health benefit.

This is a classic example of how lies and deceptions are fostered on you and your family, at your health expense, so some large corporation can ultimately benefit.

How Commercial Greed Spawned a Hidden Health Disaster

It is first important to understand that most all  fluoride is actually a toxic waste product of aluminum- and steel manufacturing. It is a HIGHLY toxic waste product.

When fluoride is produced it is so reactive it can eat through steel, glass, iron, aluminum, and most other substances. It rivals mercury for being one of the most poisonous substances on the planet.

The sordid beginning of poisoning the public water supply with fluoride began with Dr. Gerald Cox nearly 80 years ago.

Around 1930 Dr. Cox proposed that fluoride in small amounts of 1 part per million (ppm) could prevent dental cavities. He made his recommendations without any studies, human or otherwise, to suggest it would be safe or effective.

Interestingly, Dr. Cox was on the staff of the Mellon Institute, and the Mellon family owned the Alcoa aluminum company.

But that’s not all. 

Andrew Mellon, the founder of Alcoa, was also the Treasury Secretary, and in 1930 the US Department of Public Health was under the direct control of the Treasury Secretary.

Did these ties between the aluminum industry and the Department of Public Health influence the chain of events that led to water fluoridation?


Remember, the most dangerous and expensive waste product in the production of aluminum is fluoride.  Because it is corrosive and toxic, it was extremely expensive to dispose of safely and was costing Alcoa millions of dollars in lost profits every year. By finding a “benefit” in this toxic byproduct, the industry was able to not only save money, but actually make money from their toxic waste!

AMA is on the Record Stating Fluoride is a Poison

Amazingly, more than 13 years later, in 1943, the American Medical Association stated that fluoride was a powerful protoplasmic poison, and because of its widespread occurrence in nature, toxic accumulation could be a major problem if the water supplies were fluoridated. 

The following year the American Dental Association stated the potential for harm from fluoridation far outweighed any public good, and they also noted that fluoride in concentrations as low as 1 PPM could cause osteosclerois, spondylysis, osteoporosis, and goiter. 

Despite these warnings, Dr. Cox convinced Dr. Frisch, a Wisconsin dentist, to actively promote fluoridation of the water supply. According to historians, Frisch led the charge with the frenzy of a religious zealot and turned it into a political crusade.

Water Fluoridation — One of the Most Successful PR Campaigns in U.S. History

In 1944 Alcoa hired a prominent attorney, Oscar Ewing, at an annual salary of $750,000 even though they were not facing any major litigation.  A few months after being hired he left the company to accept a job as Federal Security Administrator that put him in charge of the US Public Health Service. Not surprisingly, very shortly after that Ewing launched a major national campaign to fluoridate the water supplies.

The fluoridation project was a massive undertaking and Ewing spared no expense to hire the absolute best marketing minds on the planet.  He hired the best PR firm money could buy at the time, Edward, L. Benays, who was Freud’s cousin and had a notorious reputation as the original spin doctor.

Opponents to fluoridation were carefully labeled by the masterminds of Alcoa’s PR group as loonies and right wing extremists who saw fluoridation as a communist plot.

Despite the dire warnings by the AMA and ADA, and not a single shred of evidence that fluoride was safe or effective, fluoride was initiated into the water supply in an experiment in Michigan in 1945.  But even before the Michigan study was complete there was a complete reversal in the ADA and AMA who both suddenly decided to endorse widespread fluoridation.

At that time any dentists that dissented from the new views of the ADA were either censored or lost their ADA membership as the dental societies were also controlled by grants from the US Department of Public Health.

Eventually the Michigan study was completed and used to prove that fluoridation helped prevent cavities, but the study had terrible controls, and never took into account that cavities were being reduced all across the country because of better hygiene and nutrition.

Learn More About the Dangers of Fluoride

I urge you to listen to my interview with Dr. Osmunson, where he discusses what he’s learned about the many toxic dangers of fluoride.

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