Swine flue Swindle

Swine Flu Swindle

SOURCE:   HSI – Michele Cagan [hsiresearch@healthiernews.com]

The FDA has decided to swindle us.

First they laid the groundwork by scaring us with their ridiculous swine flu estimates. Then they rushed to the rescue, telling us to rely on Tamiflu and Relenza…two potentially dangerous drugs that, by the way, are already implicated in creating a drug- resistant strain of the flu. And now they’ve apparently decided that it doesn’t matter if those drugs are effective — as long as doctors hand them out anyway.

The FDA is allowing — actually calling for, endorsing, promoting! — the use of expired Tamiflu and Relenza. In fact, the agency decided under its SLEP (Shelf Life Extension Program…the name says it all) that four batches of antiviral drugs that expired in June 2009 now expire in May 2011. Magic!

And that’s not all… To make sure government agencies can use up all their already bought and paid for and stockpiled, no matter what, they’ve also decided to waive their own standards. Now even improperly stored Relenza and Tamiflu will be deemed safe and effective for use…even in infants.

Of course, none of this is common knowledge. But it should be — that’s why HSI is bringing you this information when no one else is. You have the right to know that the course of Tamiflu your doctor prescribes may be expired, and may not have been properly stored. (Not to mention the potential adverse effects of Tamiflu!) Do you still want to take it?


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