Dr. Blank of Columbia – there is no scientific debate about cell phones – they DO cause cancer.

Cell phones, EMR, and your health


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Face to Face with Martin Blank:  Dr. Blank is with the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University … he says THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC DEBATE ABOUT CELL PHONES … The radiation causes biologoical damage Period.  Cell phones are like smoking…???  We discuss the politics and science surrounding this tremendously important issue, and I think he agrees with me that Health Canada, and therefore the Canadian Government, has put Corporate Profit ahead of our health… as they always do.  And where is the Media???

Saturday, Aug 29:  11 AM to 11:52

Sunday, Aug 30:  7 PM to 7:52

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Dr. Magda Havas on The Truth about wired and wireless technologies:  This is an important program; Dr. Havas builds a case against over exposure to Electo-Magnetic radiation, and especially the growing dangers of cell phones, Wi-Fi, and cordless phones… Different kinds of EMR come from in-house wiring, appliances, TVs, computers, on-street power lines, etc.  Instead of dealing with the problem so that people can minimize exposure and protect themselves, the industry pretends it is all completely safe … behind a smoke-screen of the fraudulent and corrupt Safety Standards set by Corporate politicians.

Saturday,  Aug 29:  11 PM to 12:30

Sunday, Aug 30:  10:30 AM to noon

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