For your Family Crest

Dr. WEEKS’ COMMENT:   thanks to Jim Riley, Frank Millet and all the scholars, ancient and modern, who inspire the best from us!

Extende lucem

 (“Extend or enlarge the light.”)


Vivere parce aequo animo

 (“To live simply with a mind at peace.”)


Parete quietum

(“Give way to the quiet.”)


Causas rerum et consecutiones videat

 (“May he see the causes and consequences of things”)


Praesentibus futura copulet

(“May he link the future to things present”)


Disiuncta conjugat 

(“May he join together what is disjointed’)


Audete sagaciter

 (“Dare wisely”)


Et praeterita grate meminit et praesentibus ita potitur

(“He remember the past gratefully and so makes things present his own”)


Non pendet ex futuris

(“He doesn’t depend on things future”)


Praesentibus fruuntur

(“They enjoy things present”)


Praesentibus fruimini

(“Enjoy the present”)


Ad beate vivendum

(“To living life happily”)


Nihil est maius amicitia

(“Nothing is greater than friendship”)


Moderatione et constantia quietus animo

 (“By moderation and persistence is one at rest in his mind”)


Laetamini bonis rebus

(“Enjoy the good things”)


Gratus animus est virtus maxima

(“A thankful heart is the greatest excellence”)


Salutem hominibus date

(“Give health to mankind”)


Voluptas mentis praestringit oculos

(“Pleasure blinds the eyes of the mind”)


Rerum cognoscere causas

(“To know the causes of things”)


Audentes fortuna iuvat

(“Fortune favors the daring”)


Date ventis vela

(“Give sails to the winds”)


Facte nova virtute

(“Make things new by excellence”)


Ne cede malis

(“Don’t give in to misfortune)


Vita viam inveniet

(“Life will find a way”)



Here are some of my favorites:


Festina lente  

(“Make haste slowly.”)


Duc, sequere aut ex via discede vale, lacerta!

(“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”)


Quis custodiet ipso custodes?

 (“Who then shall guard the guards?”


And my favorite:


Semper ubi sub ubi 

(ahem…  “Always wear underwear!”)







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