Saturated Fat May Save Your Life

Dr. Weeks Comment:  I love these paradoxical and bewildering health claims.  Love to track down the data, follow the reasoning and learn something new and exciting…  or I love to end up having a good laugh at my own gullibility.

Here is a great title that stops health-minded people in our tracts:  Saturated Fat May Save Your Life   – a delightful little book by Bruce fife, N.D.  Herein he recommends saturated (but high quality, natural and organic) fats like coconut oil and his reasoning is sound.

What he doesn’t elaborate on is my area of speciality – the brain and psyche.  The human brain,  you may recall is little more, materially speaking that is, than a big blob of fat it being almost 80% fat  dry weight!  So the next time someone notices your “fat head” you can smile and count your blessings!

Addendum:   $20 billion of antipsychotic medication was sold in 2008 and of that total, $15 billion was consumed by Americans – the same Americans who have been encouraged to eat a “low fat” diet for the past 40 years.    How does that organic foi gras sound now?

See  for info on fish oil and mental health  and  for info re fish oil and mood disorders


And Why Unsaturated Fat May Kill You!
Saturated fat healthy? How could this be? For decades saturated fat and cholesterol have been tagged as nutritional gangsters causing all sorts of havoc to our health. Recent studies confirmed what many researchers have known for years – saturated fat is a necessary nutrient that can actually improve your health and protect you from disease.
Vegetable oils, often touted as healthy alternatives to saturated fats are actually a nutritional nightmare. Since their introduction into the human food supply several decades ago, disease rate have skyrocketed. Saturated fat and cholesterol consumption ahs remained relatively constant, but vegetable oil consumption has increased manyfold. Our disease rate has followed right along.

Polyunsaturated vegetable oils are highly unstable and readily create toxic molecules known as free radicals. These free radicals roam throughout the body destroying cells and damaging DNA. Free radicals have been linked to dozens of degenrative conditions, including heart disease and cancer, and are believed to be the major cause of aging.

Antioxidants are nutrirnts that protect us from free radicals. They, along with saturated fat, can shield us against the health-destroying effects of polyunsaturated oils. Our modern diet, unfortunately, is saturated with these harmful oils and, as a consequence, we are all in danger of developing some form of crippling degenrative disease as we age.

In this book you will find out what you can do to prevent this from happening to you. You will learn about the Antioxidant Health Plan and how it can help you to stay young and healthy and in many cases revers the effects of degenerative disease. The basic concept behind this plan has been around for thousands of years and has proven to be highly effective. This book brings it up to date to address the health problems we face today.

You can prevent degenerative disease and stop premature aging. You can regain health and vitality, lose weight, and live longer. The key is found in the health plan found in this book. With this diet there is no calorie counting, you can eat as much as you like, you can eat saturated fat and cholesterol and you will still lose unwanted weight and enjoy better health.


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