Statin drugs reduce CoQ10 production

Statin Drugs Reduce CoQ10 Production In The Body

Research shows that the method by which statin drugs work to block cholesterol also causes them to block the production of CoQ10. Since people who take statins may already suffer from low levels of CoQ10, such added depletion is of great concern. The combined use of CoQ10 and statins, however, can prevent the depletion of CoQ10 and thereby help to minimize the risk of statin-induced cardiac dysfunction and other side effects.


Combining Statins and CoQ10

Fortunately, CoQ10 depletion from statin use can be reversed with CoQ10 oral supplements.1

CoQ10 supplementation does not appear to affect the cholesterol-lowering efficacy of statins, and may even reverse any CoQ10 depletion that results from statin use. According to cardiologist Peter Langsjoen2, combining CoQ10 and statins “not only prevents the depletion of CoQ10 but may enhance the benefits of statin drugs by lessening the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.”

It is noteworthy that Merck, a major pharmaceutical company, considers maintaining proper levels of CoQ10 so important for people taking statins that it has taken out two patents for combining CoQ10 and statins in a single capsule.3


Bottom line: Statins are an effective way to lower cholesterol. However, if you are taking statins or considering taking them, talk to your doctor about CoQ10 supplements.

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