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post Feb 5 2008, 11:29 AM

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O.K so I decided to try cutting dairy out of my diet for a few days and seeing if it helped my skin out. Within a few days my existing nodules had completely gone, and didnt get any more.

I though that this might just be coincidence so a couple of days ago I had a couple bowls of cereal and some crackers with lots of butter. A day later and everything was still fine, but today I felt a couple of nodules coming up, and as we speak I am holding an ice cube to my nose and typing this.

Istill have some moderate acne around the cheeks but nothing too serious. I think I finally found the cause of my nodules and cysts, so cutting out dairy seems to work for me. However I still enjoy it in small amounts, like other day I had an ice cream and everything was fine, just seems to be when I dont take care of how much I eat it gets bad.



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