Charles Mraz, master of apitherapy 1905-1999

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:    Charlie was one of the finest clinicians I ever had the honor to work with and he taught me more than I am able to express. His generous soul and perceptive mind as well as an eagle eye for changes in symptoms informed this man about a person’s suffering more than most doctors I know. It was an honor to found the American Apitherapy Society with him in 1985 and to be his “nurse” for the hundreds of people who came to his house in Middlebury, Vermont for bee stings from the master of apitherapy.

Charles Mraz

Photo by Lotte Jacobi

July 26th, 1905 – September 13th, 1999

Our founder and my grandfather established the Champlain Valley Apiary in 1931.
He was in all respects a world famous beekeeper. His life work and accomplishments in both apitherapy (the therapeutic application of bee products) and beekeeping are innumerable. For over 60 years Charles treated people with bee stings for relief from arthritis pain. Later in life he treated people with Multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. He was a founding member and Executive Director of the American Apitherapy Society. In 1992 the American Beekeeping Federation recognized Charles among the five most distinguished beekeepers in this country for his advances in commercial Honey Beebeekeeping. He traveled to South and Central America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East as a consultant on beekeeping methods and technology. He was a columnist and contributing writer for Gleaning in Bee Culture and the American Bee Journal, respectively. In 1994 he authored Health and The Honey Bee, a recounting of his experiences with Bee Venom Therapy.



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