Most cancer in firefighters is due to radio-frequency radiation exposure not inhaled carcinogens

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: 

Sam Milham, M.D.  former chief of epidemiology in Washington State is brilliant and courageous –  a principled investigator. Wonder why he quit his job…  

Most cancer in firefighters is due to radio-frequency radiation exposure not inhaled carcinogens
Medical Hypotheses,
S. Milham


Recent reviews and reports of cancer incidence and mortality in firefighters conclude that they are at an increased risk of a number of cancers. These include leukemia, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, male breast cancer, malignant melanoma, and cancers of the brain, stomach, colon, rectum, prostate, urinary bladder, testes, and thyroid. Firefighters are exposed to a long list of recognized or probable carcinogens in combustion products and the presumed route of exposure to these carcinogens is by inhalation. Curiously, respiratory system cancers and diseases are usually not increased in firefighters as they are in workers exposed to known inhaled carcinogens. The list of cancers with increased risk in firefighters strongly overlaps the list of cancers at increased risk in workers exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency radiation (RFR). Firefighters have increased exposure to RFR in the course of their work, from the mobile two-way radio communications devices which they routinely use while fighting fires, and at times from firehouse and fire vehicle radio transmitters. I suggest that some of the increased cancer risk in firefighters is caused by RFR exposure, and is therefore preventable. The precautionary principle should be applied to reduce the risk of cancer in firefighters, and workman’s compensation rules will necessarily need to be modified.

Article Outline

Cancers increased in firefighters
Carcinogenic exposures in firefighters
EMF/RFR exposure and cancer
EMF and RFR exposure of firefighters
Evaluation of this hypothesis
Consequences of this hypothesis

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