The Oath Keepers

The OATH KEEPERS is an organization set up by Sheriff Richard Mack for the purpose of encouraging all sheriff’s, police, and military to ignore all illegal (unconstitutional) orders including orders to force vaccinate, orders to engage in warrantless searches (including door to door weapons searches), orders to round up US citizens in case of terrorism or threat and force us into concentration camps “for our own safety”.


Your help is needed to educate sheriff’s, police and military to what is going on so they’ll join this group- see this has had over 112,000 views but we must help it go viral!!!


Sheriff Mack won a Supreme Court decision which affirms that within any sheriff’s jurisdiction, no one, not even the President, or the Governor can tell a sitting sheriff what to do. He is answerable only to those who elected him and he has the power to interpret and defend the constitution as he sees fit.


With our help, he can distribute his book The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope to every sheriff in America, and you can help by bringing it directly to your sheriff to find out what side he’s on-




Its far more realistic to urge your county sheriff to keep the State and Feds out of their county when they want to come in and force vaccinate and engage in other criminal martial law proceedings than it is to expect our terminally corrupt Congress to act against the interests of the vaccine manufacturers that pump PAC donations into their coffers.


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