French ahead of us re Cell Phones

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Last week, the French government banned cell phones in schools

– French health agency recommends reducing exposure to mobiles

15 oct 2009 Telecompaper Europe

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French health agency recommends reducing exposure to mobiles

The French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety
(Afsset) has recommended a reducing people’s exposure to
electromagnetic emissions from base stations and handsets because
questions remain about their possible health effects, writes AFP. The
body was tasked by the French government in 2007 to update its report
on the effects of mobile telephony equipment and to extend it to other
technologies, including Wi-Fi, WiMax, and cordless phones. A group of
experts brought together by Afsset assessed thousands of studies
published since 2005, interviewed specialists and measured exposure
around base stations. Although most studies did not find any harmful
effects from radio waves, a small number discovered effects at the
cellular level.
Afsset concluded that because questions remainded
about long term effects and that it was not possible to formally
demonstrate an absence of risk, a reduction in exposure must be
considered whenever it is feasible.

The body also suggested the use of mobile phones with a low specific
absorption rate (SAR), producing maps of areas with the highest
emissions and lowering exposure levels there, and operators sharing
base stations. It also noted that exposure levels are much higher from
handsets than from base stations and is concerned that reducing the
power of base station signals could increase exposure to handset
emissions. Rather than reducing base station emissions across the
board, as sought by consumer associations, the agency makes the
general suggestion that people should moderate their use of wireless

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