Hey kid, ya want squalene with that vaccine??

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   the FDA knows about the problems of squalene and other vaccine adjuvants and is doing nothing.

Pharma/FDA Conflicted Data – Swine Flu Vaccines Deadly Adjuvants

With a pivotal and profitable role played by the pharmaceutical industry in vaccine production, Dr Meryl Nass MD suggests that there is a lack of “unconflicted data” available about adjuvants.

Nearly all of the MF59 (adjuvant) data were derived from the manufacturer of MF59, for example, she said. “It is more the lack of reliable data, and gives the impression that something is being hidden. Those of us who are familiar with the subject are concerned that if these adjuvants were used en masse, we would face some bad outcomes. The FDA has been sitting on them for 10 years, and usually, that means that the FDA is aware of significant problems.
LJ Anderson, Palo Alto Daily News

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