Republicrats and Demolicans

Dr. Weeks Comment:   If you are going down the wrong road,  you will agree with me that whether you swerving left (liberal democrat) or right (conservative republican) is a meaningless gesture….  OR,   consider this, every 4 years I spend billions of dollars for faux election process whereby I offer you the choice to be smacked in the face by either my right fist or by my left fist. Are you happy with that choice?

I have tried, really I have, but I continue to fail to see significant differences between our two major parties:  vote Republican and you are voting for industry and special interests to control the bought and paid for politicians;  vote Democrat and you arevoting for Government to control every aspect of your life but still the government is under the sway of the special interests.   

Today in America, there are two classes of people: those who work for the Government (employeed) and those who work for the government (taxed) .

Health care solution? Neither option is valid:  the much touted public option gives poor care and limited resources – my Canadian doctors tell me that only superficial medicine is offered in Canada – doctors are NOT incentivized to work hard and solve health problems – there is no time allowed,  no money allocated and only disincentives to doing anything other than what the government prescribes.  Government by commitees of bureaucrats.   My solution is spelled out here.


But thankfully, we still have political humorists!  Enjoy.

This Modern World By Tom Tomorrow

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