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Dr. Weeks Comment:    Like a big, fat bear stuffed with berries and fatty salmon who heads off into the cave for hibernatiion and eventually emerges 5 months later, lean mean and with practically no fat,  here at the Weeks Clinic, we help people lose fat.  Weight loss is often well-intended but not only counter-productive in many cases (people who are fasting store fat more efficiently and pile it back on once the fast is over) but it is also weight loss can be dangerous – especially if more muscle and water is lost than the fat.   So here at the Weeks Clinic we teach people how to lose FAT and forget about watching the weight.  Shape counts more than pounds.    Does it work?



Always. When people follow the program, that is!

Here are some stories written by our grateful patients

Here is Dale’s diet experience “story”   (received 10-4-09)

Dale followed the exact “recipe” regarding food.   No breakfast, only the vegies listed on the paper you gave him, only the fruits listed, and 3.5 oz of meat…either chicken or beef or halibut (we have lots in our freezer from him fishing in AK)  He didn’t drink any alcohol during the first 6 weeks and he lost around 35 pounds.   He did force himself to drink the suggested amount of water.

The next four weeks, he added more exercise on the tread climber.   He stuck with the same diet pretty much except for a few weekends where we ate out or were in situations with friends…and he did drink some beer.   The weight loss was less dramatic, but he did lose an additional 15 pounds for a total of 50 pounds.  He noticied that if he didn’t drink alot of water, he didn’t seem to lose the weight as easily.

He was amazed that he didn’t experience hardly any hunger sensations.   Overall he felt the diet was easy to follow and very effective.

Since then he has added more of a variety of meats and vegetables, slowly increasing the portions and the weight seems to be stable.

Feel free to use his name as a reference and or call if you have any questions.

Thanks to you and Dr Weeks for this awesome program!!

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