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Dr. Weeks’ comment:    Here at the Weeks Clinic for Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry, we have recommended appropriate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) treatments for more than a decade and the results have been very encouraging.  Here following is a forthright and important article by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, one of the nation’s premiere practitioners of H2O2, who teaches about this important remedy, well known over the past 50 years to corrective medical doctors the world around, but because it is a very inexpensive remedy, sadly – no make that “tragically!”, hydrogen peroxide is typically not offered by your conventional MD.



Swine Flu?

It is less dangerous than the regular flu, but the vaccine isn’t!

Here’s all you need to know about this virus.


By Frank Shallenberger, MD

I guess I’ve been around too long.  I remember the swine flu “epidemic” of 1976.  I had been practicing medicine for three years then.  According to some of the infectious disease experts of the time, the swine virus was so dangerous that they were able to convince the United States Congress to pay for every citizen to be inoculated with a vaccine to prevent the “deadly” disease.  About 25% of all Americans bought the idea.  The results?

Twenty five people died of the vaccine, and one died of the virus.  The winner?  Big Pharma?  How would you like it if the US government paid for every person in the country to have one of your products?  But more about the love affair between the government and Big Pharma a little later.  For now, just how dangerous is this year’s version of the swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus?

Dr. Deborah Lehman is one of the country’s leading experts on infectious diseases.  She is the Director of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.  Here’s her assessment of the H1N1 virus.  “This doesn’t appear to be an especially deadly strain.  At this point it looks like the seasonal flu will be responsible for more deaths than swine flu.” Are you scared yet?  Well maybe you should be.  The makers of the 1976 swine flu vaccine are at it again.  And just like the last vaccine, Swine Flu 2 could be bad for your health.

Besides the usual dangers and side effects of vaccines, there is one special concern regarding a vaccine for swine flu.  It’s called Gullain-Barre Syndrome (GBS).

GBS is normally an extremely rare condition that attacks the lining of the nerves and  paralyses them.  The paralysis can result in death if it involves the nerves that control breathing.  And even in the best intensive care units in the country, the death rate is 2-3%.  But dying is not the only problem with GBS.  Those who get it are typically paralyzed and often bedridden for anywhere between 8 weeks to a full year before they recover.  And unfortunately,  not all recover.  About 5-10% are left with permanent paralysis.  So what’s all this have to do with the swine flu vaccine?

Well, the 1976 version of the vaccine caused some 500 cases of it.  Keep in mind that GBS is rare.  It only occurs in about one out of every 100,000 people.  When you add up all the numbers of the people who had that vaccine and the cases of GBS it caused, you come out with an eight times greater risk of getting GBS in those unfortunates who took the vaccine.  But don’t worry.  Your government officials were right on the case.  In 1976, after it became clear that the vaccine was causing GBS, it only took the government 10 weeks to withdraw it.

But this is a different vaccine, right?  And there should be no more problems like there were before, right?  Well not according to the Health Protection Agency of the British government, the official body that oversees public health issues in England. On July 29, 2009, it sent out letters to about 600 neurologists warning them about the new vaccine, and stressing the possibility that it could once again cause an increase in GBS.  In other words, the Health Protection Agency has no clear idea whether there is a danger of GBS from the new vaccine or not.  Dear readers, this is what doctors and scientists call an experiment.  Let’s give mass inoculations to every man woman and child and see what happens.

So why all the big deal about this virus anyway?  Even though the year is almost over (September 6, 2009 as of this writing), only 593 people have died from the H1N1 virus.  Compare this to the data which was just published in 2006 in the American Journal of Epidemiology.  It showed that on average, since 1979, more than three times this many people have died every year from your basic seasonal flu. The big deal is obviously not about saving lives.  Could it be about money.  At $20 an injection, Big Pharma stands to dramatically improve its portfolio, by protecting millions of unsuspecting people from a virus that can’t hurt them anyway.  But the scandal gets even better.

You see, producing a vaccine that just might kill and paralyze hundreds of people could detract greatly from profits.  That could be a big setback.  But Big Pharma has a friend looking after them.  I’m talking about your United States Government.  On June 15, 2009, the United States Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary, Katherine Sebelius, signed a declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act to extend liability immunity to all individuals and entities involved in all stages of 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine development.  That includes testing, manufacturing, distributing, prescribing, administrating, and using the vaccine. Liability immunity means that there is no legal tort claim that can be pursued in any state or federal court. The vaccine can kill you or paralyze you or otherwise damage you, and you will have no legal remedy – you will not be able to sue for your damages.  Obviously in signing this declaration, Secretary Sebilius knows that there is a reasonable chance that many people will be hurt by the vaccine, or she would not have needed to do it.

So let me get this straight.  There’s a virus out there that is less harmful than the seasonal flu.  Our government and Big Pharma are busy working together to make a vaccine to protect us from it.  There is a strong likelihood that the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus.  And anyone who is damaged by the vaccine has no legal remedy against the people who made it for them.  Oh yes, and one more thing.  If it’s like all of the other flu vaccines that have been produced for the last 20 years, except for the very old and/or feeble it won’t be effective anyway.

A recent study published in the October 26, 2006 issue of the British Medical Journal doesn’t have much good to say about flu vaccines in general.  Dr. Tom Jefferson, coordinator of the Cochrane Vaccines Field in Rome, Italy, conducted an extensive review of all of the previous studies on the effectiveness of flu vaccines.

He looked specifically at whether or not the vaccines decreased hospital admissions, death rates, or time off work.  According to Dr. Jefferson, vaccines “have little or no effect”.   “We’ve got an exaggerated expectation of what vaccines can actually do,” Jefferson said. “I’m hoping American and European taxpayers will be alerted and start asking questions.”

Dr. Jefferson looked very hard at what the flu vaccine is supposed to do and what it actually does.  What he found has really shaken up the flu vaccine proponents.  According to the doctor,  “almost none” of the benefits that the vaccines theoretically offer are actually seen in the real world.

Dear patients, take it from me.  This viral scare will go down like all of the other viral scares (bird flu, SARS, etc.) that have netted a bundle for Big Pharma.  If anybody should be scared of a new viral epidemic it should be me.  After all, nobody is going to get exposed to more viruses of all kinds than a busy primary care provider such as myself.  I cozy up to them all day long, and I rarely come down with anything.  And if you haven’t already figured it out by now, it’s not because I take the flu vaccine very year.  Here’s my secret.

I stay in good physical condition with regular exercise.  That’s because I know that there is no medical intervention of any kind that is halfway as effective as regular aerobic exercise, properly done.

Next, I get plenty of sleep and rest.  I also take a heaping scoop of Super Immune QuickStart mixed with a teaspoon of Super Fats once a day.  And I take one capsule of Epicor every day.  I have found the combination of Epicor with QuickStart to be remarkably effective at reducing viral infections even in those who get them the most.  But even this plan is not a completely fool proof guarantee.

And that’s why I like my hydrogen peroxide nebulizer idea so much.  You can get all of the details below.  I have yet to see one case of flu or viral pneumonia that was not quickly cured using this amazing treatment.  Make sure that you have a nebulizer and the special hydrogen peroxide mixture at home ready to use anytime you need it.  I also recommend that you get a battery operated nebulizer for use on airplanes and when traveling.  It is your best protection against H1N1 flu as well as any other flu strain.


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Knock out any flu with this at-home treatment

A Proven Cure For Every Flu virus

There’s been a lot in the news recently about the swine flu virus.  And although I can’t tell you that I have treated a documented case of this particular virus, I can say that what I am going to tell you about has worked in every viral infection I have used it on to date.  I’m talking about hydrogen peroxide therapy.  But this is not your ordinary hydrogen peroxide therapy.  That’s what’s different.

As you may already know, hydrogen peroxide has been used for decades to conquer viral infections by thousands of doctors in thousands of patients all over the world. It was discovered by an old colleague of mine, Dr. Charles Farr, close to thirty years ago.

Hydrogen peroxide consists of a water molecule (H2O) with an extra oxygen atom (H2O2).  It is the extra oxygen atom that makes it so deadly for viruses.  But in order for you to understand why hydrogen peroxide therapy works so well you have to understand what most people, including many doctors, fail to realize – viral infections are eradicated from the body not by killing the virus itself, but by killing the cells that produce them.  Let me explain.

You see, viruses are not alive, so it is not possible to kill them.  Viruses are just pieces of genetic code, and in and of themselves can neither survive nor reproduce.  Viruses need to infect cells.  It is in the interior of a cell that a virus is able to use the cell’s own DNA and RNA in order to reproduce.  In other words, what a virus does to an infected cell is to control it and use it to manufacture new viruses, which in turn can move out of the cell and go and infect other cells.  The way to control any viral infection is not to kill the virus, it is to kill the infected cells that have been turned into viral factories.  And that’s just what that extra oxygen atom on hydrogen peroxide does.

Healthy cells, cells that are not infected by viruses, are equipped to handle the extra oxygen atom that comes with hydrogen peroxide because they have healthy anti-oxidant defense systems.  But once they are infected with a virus, they lose much of their defensive capability, and are then easily destroyed by hydrogen peroxide.

Thanks to Charlie Farr I am not in the least concerned about the epidemic of any virus.  Why should I be?  Hydrogen peroxide has been shown to control every viral infection it’s been tested against.  In fact hydrogen peroxide is so good it’s what God designed your immune cells to use to kill and control infections of all kinds.  When your immune cells are busy killing the infected cells that make viruses, they make their own hydrogen peroxide to do it.  And that’s basically how it works.  Hydrogen peroxide therapy works by helping your immune cells do the job they were assigned.

There is, however, one serious flaw with using hydrogen peroxide to kill viral infections – it is inexpensive and un-patentable.  That translates out to not profitable, and not profitable translates out to won’t be taught in medical schools.  Nevertheless, regardless of this defect, it is a therapeutic slam dunk for viral infections of all kinds.  I have never seen it fail.  I have treated everything from flu to encephalitis to viral pneumonia, from influenza to hauta virus to West Nile virus all with the same result – the infection clears, and there are no side effects.

The only other problem with Dr. Farr’s therapy is that it is an intravenous therapy.  Drinking it not only doesn’t work, it is dangerous.  And as an intravenous therapy, that means that it needs to be done in a doctor’s office.  But as long as you get into the clinic for an IV or two, you can literally knock out any viral infection you will ever get.  And that brings me to something that I came upon a little over a year ago.  A new way of administering hydrogen peroxide therapy that is almost as effective as the IV.  And better than the IV method, this new treatment can be done at home, and is ridiculously cheap.  It’s called nebulized hydrogen peroxide.  And this is how I learned about it.

About a year ago I saw a patient with asthma who was taking the asthma medication that her doctor had been giving her in a nebulizer.  A nebulizer is device that is able to convert a liquid into tiny bubbles.  I mean really tiny bubbles.  Bubbles that are so tiny that they can only be seen under a microscope.  When these bubbles come out of the nebulizer, they are so small that they look just like smoke.  And that’s the magic of a nebulizer.

The bubbles are so small that they can be inhaled deep down into the deepest regions of the lungs without any discomfort or irritation.  It’s a great way for asthmatics to get the medication they need to open up their lungs.  But there is something else about nebulizers that I had never considered before until I treated this particular patient.  It’s an obvious thing, but then again, things are only obvious once you see them.  I’m talking about the systemic effect of nebulizers.  Let me explain.

When I asked the patient why she didn’t use the nebulizer treatments as often as she was supposed to, she said it was because of the side effects.  And then she said something that really struck me.  “Dr. Shallenberger, when I take the drug in the nebulizer it makes me feel the side effects just as bad as when the doctors were giving me the same drug intravenously in the hospital.  It is unbelievably strong, and it affects my whole body.”  You see, these tiny bubbles were not only delivering medicine to her lungs, they were also delivering the medicine to her entire body through her lungs.  And they were delivering it in a way that was just as noticeable to her as when the same medication was given directly into her veins.  And that’s when I had the thought.  Why not use the nebulizer delivery system to deliver treatments not just to the lungs but to the whole body?

So I went to work, and began administering hydrogen peroxide to my patients through a nebulizer instead of intravenously.  The first patient I used it on was me.  I wasn’t sick at the time, but I just wanted to make sure that the mixture I used was the right concentration for the lungs.  I found the treatment extremely easy to do, and very comfortable.  It was just like breathing the purest air you could imagine, and it was in no way irritating.

And then I found my first guinea pig – my wife Judy.  Judy learned long ago that one of the “blessings” of marrying me was that she would often have the privilege of being experimented on.  And so when she developed the first symptoms of a flu, instead of immediately plugging her into a hydrogen peroxide IV, I had her use the nebulizer for ten minutes every waking hour.  Actually, she was happy about this, because she has very small veins, and it is hard for the nurse to start IV’s on her.  Using the nebulizer treatment, she was able to get rid of the flu within 72 hours.  I knew I was on to something, because IV hydrogen peroxide doesn’t work much better than that.  So I bought a dozen nebulizers and began offering the treatment to my patients.

Since then I have treated hundreds of cases of colds, flus, sinusitis, and bronchitis all with the same great results.  And I found that the nebulizer treatments actually have an advantage over the IV therapy that I hadn’t considered at first.  And that is, that not only is the hydrogen peroxide being disseminated into the entire body through the lungs, it is also going directly to the areas of the body that are most affected by viruses – the sinuses, throat, bronchial tract, and lungs.  So here’s how you do it.

First, buy yourself a nebulizer.  I am now convinced that not only should every family have a blood pressure cuff and a thermometer, but also a nebulizer.  You can buy an inexpensive one that runs off AC or you can spend a little more and get a smaller, easy to carry around, battery operated portable nebulizer.  One web site that sells these and has good prices is  You can also reach them by phone at 888-541-4440.  They also sell the masks that are used with the nebulizer.

Next, we will supply you with the hydrogen peroxide solution.  It’s a special mixture of pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide, magnesium and manganese.  When kept in the refrigerator, the formula will stay active for about three months.  Sorry, it won’t keep indefinitely.  That’s because the hydrogen peroxide will gradually convert into water over time.  You can either just keep some on hand during the flu season, or have us send you some as soon as it appears you need it.

Just keep this in the fridge until you feel like you may be coming down with a virus.  As with any viral treatment, to get the best results it is important to use the treatment as soon as possible.  And that’s one of the other great advantages of the nebulizer treatment.  If you start coming down with something on the weekend or a holiday, it’s not a problem – you can start treatment without having to wait until the clinic opens.

The treatments are simple.  Just attach the delivery mask to the nebulizer output.  Then add 3cc of the hydrogen peroxide mixture to the nebulizer, place the mask over your mouth and nose, and breathe.  It’s as simple as that.  You can literally do this as often as you feel you need to, but in most cases I recommend that patients do it every hour for the first day, and then 4-6 times a day until the infection is completely resolved.  In most cases, if you start the treatment early enough, before it has gotten a stronghold, this will be in 2-4 days.  This treatment can also be used on children and infants of all ages.

I honestly believe that having a nebulizer and the hydrogen peroxide treatment at home would be the end to your family ever having to miss work or school because of a viral illness.

Frank Shallenberger, M.D.





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  2. We use 35% h2o2 – 1/2 cup to 5.5 cups of purified water to get the same mix that you are getting with the dropper. Just that it is premixed and in the fridge waiting to be used. Mixed it all into a BROWN 1 gallon bottle before using a funnel to pour some into a smaller BROWN medical bottle to dispense into the nebulizer. Regards, DrDick

  3. Have yet to see any reply to question about the mixture of h202 that goes into the nebulizer and how long to use it to start and then maintain. Does Dr Weeks ever read these questions? How about some reply of some kind!! Regards, DrDick

    PS..Have been using h2o2 for years with my purified RO drinking and cooking water. Mix it with most everything that I use to mix for drinking.

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