Chew away the fat

Dr. Weeks Comment:

Pound for pound, the masseter muscles (those that bulge when you chench your jaw), are the most powerful muscles on the human body.

When you grind your teeth, these muscles go to work.    My patients know to chew xylitol sweetened gum for many reasons: to stay awake when driving at night, to relieve stress and to to burn calories and cut appetite.  Here we see that chewing gum also burns fat!  But make it xylitol sweetened gum and not sugar free or sugar gum as those destroy brain cells (remember aspertame is a neurotoxin!)  and teeth respectively!

Chewing Gum Can Reduce Calorie Intake, Increase Energy Expenditure, Nutritionist Finds

ScienceDaily (Nov. 1, 2009) ”” A nutrition professor at the University of Rhode Island studying the effects of chewing sugar-free gum on weight management has found that it can help to reduce calorie intake and increase energy expenditure.


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