Why send 30,000 to fight 100?

Dr. Weeks’  Comment:      So sad.   Remember 1984  – “war is peace”  doubletalk?    Now we have the Nobel peace prize going to the man sending 30,000 American men and boys to Afghanistan to fight what his national security advisor  says is only  100 al-Qaeda fighters (that is right, we send 30,000 to fight 100). Pakistan next?

“….Nevertheless, the president’s National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones, USMC (Ret.), said in a recent interview that less than 100 al-Qaeda remain in Afghanistan and that the chance they would reconstitute a significant presence there was slim. Are we to believe that 30,000 more troops are needed to defeat 100 al-Qaeda fighters?….”

Read this   http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul620.html

and regret not doing what I did.

(yes:  I wrote in “Ron Paul for President” instead of choosing between two politicians who between them represented no difference – no real choice.  Remember: if you are driving down the wrong road, swerving “Right” or “Left” makes no significant difference.

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