New movie on cell phone towers – check it out!

Dear Friends,

I want to bring to your attention a newly released film on cell antennas that was premiered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, last night. The film features interviews by some of the world’s top experts including neuroscientist Dr. Olle Johanssen, neurosurgeon Dr. Leif Salford, both EMF researchers, Dr. Louis Slesin, Editor of Microwave News, EMF researcher and science and medical writer, B. Blake Levitt and several individuals in New York who have been opposing cell antenna placements on their high rise buildings and schools over their objections for a number of years.
The film covers many aspects of this complex societal issue.

The film maker was present, having flown there from Serbia. Whene asked why he made it, he said simply, I have a baby.”

You can view the trailer by going to a links supplied by the filmmaker. Even if you cannot vote, it is worth knowing that this film is going places.


Elizabeth Kelley

Subject: Full Signal Premiere
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 17:48:38 -0700

Good Day to all!

As many of you already know from our Facebook page, yesterday was the Premiere of Full Signal at the 10th Annual Santa Fe Film Festival.
The film was packed, and the festival was forced to turn away 50 people at the door for lack of room (after they added additional chairs). And the film was brilliantly received by everyone, with constructive comments and questions.
Overall it was a huge success.
I know most of you have not seen the film, but I would like your help in making Full Signal an even bigger success than it already is.
Already we are the most popular film in terms of votes, but I would like you to vote for the film (as many times as you like, until Saturday night).
Please pass the message on, and click this link and vote!
With warm thanks,

Talal Jabari


Full Signal
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