Cell phones and Parotid Tumors

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  If someone sees my daughters, please tell them to stop using their cell phones so much – tell them to select speaker phone option and tell them to keep the phones off, using them as answering machines rather than mobile radio emitting devices.

Now Professor Magda Havas is helping reveal the serious health hazard that is cell phone usage.

Attached is an article I wrote on the increased risk of parotid (salivary gland) tumors with cell phone use.  It links to a 10-minute version of the Senate Hearings  held in September 2009 that was organized by Devra Davis on cell phones.  A colleague condensed the 1.5 hour hearing so more people would be able to benefit from the salient topics discussed.

Few people are familiar with parotid tumors and, although they are uncommon, some celebrities have been diagnosed with them including Senator John McCain, Adam Yauch with the Beastie Boys, basketball player with the Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James, and movie critic Roger Ebert.
To learn more read the attached pdf and visit www.magdahavas.com for information about electrosmog and electrosensitivity.
Feel free to use or forward  the information provided in this pdf including the senate C-SPAN video.
I checked the C-SPAN copyright policy and as long as the material is not used for commercial purposes and identifies C-SPAN as the source it can be used without restrictions of any kind. See copyright policy from their website.

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