if you are the 1 in a million…

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:

if you are the one in a million, it is tragic beyond comprehension.


Thanks to Big Pharma lobby and collusion by our elected representatives, there is no legal recourse for those unfortunate people stricken by these tragic and predictable side-effects.

Where is the investigation here?  What did it cost us?  What laws are still on the books that would actually allow them to force vaccines on people, put them in detention, seize their property, etc. simply because they declare any “pandemic emergency”?

CBS exposes the extremely exaggerated CDC numbers on cases of swine flu.
Gerberding at CDC who allowed those false numbers, just got a big job at Merck heading their vaccine division
Worst scandal in medical history
Osterhaus – the main person promoting “Pandemics are going to kill millions!!!” at WHO, is now under investigation for corruption

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