If you can “hear me now”, then I am unsafe.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Over the past  10 years, I have aggressively spread the word about the importance of avoiding electromagnetic toxicity.

Since working with the late, great  Dr. Robert Becker  starting back in 1986  (author of The Body Electric and Cross Currents) I have been attentive to bio-electric and toxic electric effects.

Convenience, however, trumps wisdom and despite the mounting evidence


people like you, dear reader,  still do the following dangerous acts:

1) sleep beside their DECT portable phone stations

2) travel with their cell phones on (rather than use them like a answering machine which they check periodically)

3) hold their cell phones to their heads (rather than use speak phone option or Blue Tube safety head sets – not Blue Tooth but the tube set)

4) use compact fluorescent lights (curly cue shaped)  which emit toxic radio-waves

5) sleep under electric blankets

6) life beside high voltage power lines

7) don’t use GS filters

and to make matters worse,  the electromagnetic toxicity generated by wind farms and solar panel farms could easily be eliminated with tuned inverters but, no one is doing that important detoxifying step.

If this post confuses you, search  www.weeksmd.com for the following terms:

“electric” or “Stetzer” or “Milham” or “Havas” and  make the decision to electroclear your life!

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