Corrective Cancer Care – An Introduction

The Problem with Conventional Cancer Treatment

Nowhere does modern medicine fail patients so much as in oncology when the pathologist, after having only examined a tiny cluster of stained cells under a microscope, presumes to give a diagnosis as well as a prognosis (i.e. “This person has 6 months to live.”) without ever having met and listened to the person from whom those cells were biopsied! Death sentences are pronounced every day by doctors who never inquired about the patient’s capacity for wholehearted change, reserves of determination and will to live. Death sentences are pronounced without an intelligent assessment of who the person is at her or his core, what their ability is for lifestyle changes and what motivations can doctor and patient focus on in order to enhance vitality!

Hence, after looking only at a tiny physical aspect of the whole (a cluster of cells) the inexcusable medical crime of arrogance and ignorance is perpetrated upon a trusting (“patient”) soul who leaves the doctors office branded a “terminal cancer patient”. That is the cruelest blow. And it is wholly unnecessary!  So, before you come for Corrective Cancer Care to the Weeks Clinic on lovely Whidbey Island, ask yourself:  “Am I a cancer patient, or am I a person with cancer”.  (We only treat the latter, although we can help the former become the latter!)

What is Unique about Corrective Care at the Weeks Clinic?

Let’s start with the most important piece of information about cancer care in our practice:  Dr. Weeks does not treat cancer.  Instead, Dr. Weeks treats people… (many of whom happen to have too many uncontrolled cancer cells).

Why is this distinction important? It is important because, of all human diseases, cancer is the illness which is most powerfully influenced by what the individual brings to the table: her or his will forces, spirit, and most importantly, her or his reason for living.

Dr. Weeks utilizes a comprehensive three-fold “corrective” methodology in treating people with cancer. People who come for cancer care at the Weeks Clinic for Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry are offered this three-fold approach to corrective cancer care so let’s look at the three legged stool which supports patients receiving Corrective Cancer Care:

First leg: we strive to take down the “Cancer Welcome” sign by correcting the environment (both external and internal) which is “opening the door” to cancer. This includes correcting and reinforcing the foundation of your health and vitality:  Nutrition, Exercise and Thought Process (the “NET” – see below) which addresses, but is not limited to, optimizing diet, exercise habits, sleep patterns and lifestyle issues.

Second leg: we strive to enhance the immune system through identifying and correcting imbalances on all four levels of human existence: the material body (using nutritional and biochemical interventions), the etheric body (using lifestyle and habit modifications), the emotional body (using practices for enhancing mastery of mood “CorThot”) and the spiritual body (using practices for enhancing one’s humanity and relationship with the divine).

Third leg: we strive eliminate cancer cells and tumors using the best of conventional and innovative medicine.  However, before we start any chemotherapeutic treatments, in order to minimize the classic and horrible side-effects, while at the same time, enhancing targeted cancer killing, we do CHEMOSENSITIVITY TESTING. (Similar clinical rationale as the culture and sensitivity testing your doctor did before selecting an antibipotic for your last urinary tract infection!)

For culture and sensitivity for solid tumors,  have your doctor send a sample of cancerous tissue to Dr.  Robert Nagourney, M.D.  at  Rational Therapeutics Lab   in California.  Website:

For culture and sensitivity for circulating tumors, send the blood to Dr. Lothar Prix at  Biofocus lab  in Germany
Phone: +49 2361 3000-130  Website: .

Metaphorically, think of the cancer patient and his or her doctor as facing the challenge of staying afloat in a sinking rowboat in the middle of the ocean.  Of course, we need to bail out the water as fast as possible (this is analogous to the Third leg of the stool above: killing the cancer with chemo, radiation or surgery) but we also need to look for and plug any holes in the boat (this is analogous to the First and Second leg of the stool)

As for killing cancer cells, everyone knows the severe limitations of our conventional best efforts- we have been losing that war on cancer for 40 years. However, since the 1950’s Dr. Perez Garcia in Mexico has pioneered the use of Low Dose Insulin Potentiated ChemoTherapy (IPT) in the treatment of cancer which his patients described as “side-effect free chemotherapy”. The mechanism of action of IPT is well understood  to render cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotoxic drugs, which are typically used in 1/10th the conventionally prescribed doses –  thereby accomplishing a therapy which is “hard of cancer and easy on the patient”.

We recommend staging of cancer before starting treatment (PET scan, MRI, etc.) and standard means for assessing cancer activity during and after Corrective Cancer Care. A doctor can’t treat what he can’t measure. Of course, we strive always to serve the patient and therefore, we recommend surgery or radiation or changes in chemotherapy dosage and agents where appropriate. Fortunately, for many but certainly not all of our patients, the three-fold corrective approach outlined above typically requires minimal if any conventional treatments; however they are strongly recommended, if and when Dr. Weeks thinks that conventional treatments would be more beneficial to the patient.

At the Weeks Clinic for Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry, we treat people who are struggling with all types of cancer.

Modalities we use may include:

  • Low dose targeted insulin potentiation therapy (LDIPT)
  • High-Dose Vitamin C IVs
  • Immune Enhancing IVs
  • Nutritional IVs
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification IVs
  • Corrective Oral Supplementation Protocols  (Haelan 951, Quercetin, Tagamet, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, etc.)
  • Prescription medications  ( )
  • Innovative chemosensitivity laboratory testing  BioFocus and Rational Therapeutics
  • Reinforcing the will to live with CorThot and reflection (“Survive and Thrive!”)
  • Strengthening the lifestyle  “NET” (nutrition, exercise, thought) – see below

At the Weeks Clinic for Corrective Health Care, we reinforce your Lifestyle “NET” (Nutrition, Exercise and Thought process) in the following manner:

NUTRITION is not just what you eat, it is everything that you take into your being. What goes into your mouth? What food are you eating and how are you preparing it? What is in your water? What do you allow into your ears? What music are you listening to and is it nourishing your soul? What is seeping in through your skin? What cancer-causing substances are you putting on your skin or under your arms? What environmental toxins are you withstanding? What is carcinogenic in your environment: Cell phone radiation? Power lines radiation? Microwave tower radiation?  DECT phone radiation? And, most importantly, what is intoxicating your mind? What habitual thoughts do you allow to sulk around in your brain? What emotional guilt is undermining your sense of self-worth and will to live?

EXERCISE means how you metabolize or “do justice to” that which you bring into your life: Exercise is not just physical exercise (walking 30 minute a day etc.), but also how you digest and honor the food you have taken in as well as all the other the commitments you have undertaken.

THOUGHT PROCESS describes the opportunity to manage your state and attitude so that you optimize your health and well-being as well as your human potential. Our answer to the age-old question of whether the glass is half-empty or half-full is quite simply that the glass is always overflowing! Thoreau wrote; “Enough is a feast”. How fortunate we all are all the time and yet the human condition include grief and sadness!    Dr. L.F.C. Mees wrote a classic book: “Blessed by Illness” in which illness serves as an instructor, a tenderizer, rendering one more humane. There are gifts and opportunities everywhere in life and we at the Weeks Clinic have come to understand that, while episodes of pain and injury are unavoidable in life, suffering is always optional. “CorThot” is an immune-enhancing state of being which we teach to those interested in managing their thoughts and state of mind optimally.

About the Practice:

Dr. Weeks has utilized IPT since July, 2002 when he was trained by Dr. Steven Ayre in Chicago. Dr. Ayre was a close colleague of the Perez Garcia medical family in Mexico whose patriarch invented IPT. Since finding that this type of chemotherapy to be very effective and non-toxic,  Dr. Weeks subsequently qualified to be an instructor in IPT in order to train other doctors interested in this 50 year old “innovative” treatment technique. Today,  Dr. Weeks is one of only 50 medical doctors in America qualified to train others in this technique. Furthermore, Dr. Weeks is the only IPT medical doctor in America who is both fully qualified in psychiatry and an instructor in IPT who proactively addresses the deeper, critically important mind-body factors which contribute to “dis-ease”.  You are not just a physical body: therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you to remember that your cancer treatment requires more than simply medicine, surgery or radiation in order for you to “survive and thrive”.

In addition to practicing corrective cancer care for people challenged by cancer, we at the Weeks Clinic for Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry also offer a comprehensive corrective approach for patients struggling with other chronic, degenerative diseases including neurological (multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke) metabolic (cardiovascular, thyroid imbalances, diabetes, menopause, “maleopause”) and emotional or psychiatric challenges (schizophrenia, manic depression, depression and anxiety disorders).

For discussion about a corrective approach to your health challenges, feel free to email questions to;

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(if you have a minute,

Dr. Weeks’  Comment:      Take a look at this video    (and encourage your oncologist to look also!)



Here  Prof. Max Wicha is speaking on cancer stem cell growth actually being promoted by chemotherapy treatments.  (Say WHAT???)

This is the first time a top tier researcher is saying the chemotherapy is selectively killing the non-malignant cells in a tumor while tragically promoting the growth of the lethal and malignant cancer stem cells in the tumor.

(Yes….  you read that accurately! )

Then, to make things worse,  the dying non-malignant cancer cells secrete IL-8  chemokines which stimulates the lethal and malignant cancer stem cells to grow…  yikes!

And this from well-intended doctors who took an oath to  “do no harm”.

Prof. Wicha says chemotherapy by itself is not the answer.
You will learn why Corrective Cancer Care is a wise integrative strategy according to the logic of  this thinking. By offering   Haelan and other anti-inflammatory agents like curry we strive to modify the cancer micro-environment by blocking the CXCR1 receptor  in order to reduce and not stimulate cancer  when we give low dose, targeted chemotherapy.

This is a short video, but has a message that should not be overlooked.

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