Cosmetics cause cancer – prevention is possible

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   19  years ago, I wrote   The Cover Up which clarified the need to avoid toxic cosmetics.

Since then, the research has gotten more compelling and also more muted.  Only Dr. Samuel Epstein  a well-respected emeritus professor of cancer epidemiology at the University of Illinois, Chicago, continues to warn young ladies against the use of unsafe cosmetics   See his excellent website at for many important cancer prevention topics.

Recently Joe Mercola, DO – a superb voice for common sense health topics,  featured Sam’s work at the very informative website:


Dr. Epstein’s background makes him exceptionally well-qualified to discuss topics related to cancer prevention, and the toxicological causes of cancer that must be part of any effective cancer prevention plan.

In this interview he offers a vital overview of four topics, three of them related to toxic exposures that promote cancer, and lastly, he raises an urgently important question: With everything we already know about cancer, why is prevention completely ignored in the government’s cancer plan?

Once you look at what’s being done, and more importantly, what’s NOT being done, cancer starts to look like a profitable business plan in and of itself. Only when viewed under this loupe does ignoring cancer prevention make sense.

A Serious Warning about Nano-Technology in Cosmeceuticals

Dr. Epstein has serious concerns about cosmetic products containing nano-particles, and that the facts about these technologies are being hidden and ignored.

These ingredients are used in many different brands of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, so I encourage you to use this information to evaluate ANY type of cosmetic you’re considering buying.

Some of these nano-particles are so dangerous, in fact, they’re slowly but surely becoming known as “universal asbestos.”

“There is no labeling of the warning at all of the dangers of these nanoparticles, instead they are touted as reducing wrinkling and firming up the skin surface,” he says.

“However, the use of nanoparticles in cosmeceuticals, whether they are sham cosmeceuticals or whether they’re bonafide cosmeceuticals, poses an extraordinarily dangerous and unrecognized public health hazards.

Nanoparticles, because of their ultramicroscopic size, readily penetrate the skin, can invade underlying blood vessels, get into the general blood stream, and produce distant toxic effects.

We already have evidence of this, including toxic effects in the brain, degenerative disorders in the brain, and nerve damage. So we’re dealing here with one of the most dangerous types of products in the whole cosmetic industry.

Says Epstein:

“The American public are still eating and drinking ultra dangerous products in spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence, and in spite of the warnings they have received from the rest of the world that “we will not buy your products.”

… It’s almost like an Alice in Wonderland situation. We like to think we’re the greatest democracy in the world and yet we tolerate white collar crime, industry white collar crime, and the white collar crimes for profit.

Not only do we tolerate it, we don’t raise any questions or objections to it.

So, there is something the matter with the American public because they still implicitly trust government and my unfortunate and unhappy warning is: you cannot trust government. You cannot trust USDA.

You cannot trust FDA, and I say this with a sense of overwhelming sadness but there’s an old French expression saying, “Anyone who is in danger should save himself.” “

Based on Dr. Epstein’s extensive research, here’s a list of toxic factors that have been linked to various kinds of cancer:

  • Malignant melanoma – Use of sunscreens that fail to block long-wave, ultraviolet light
  • Thyroid cancer – Various types of radiation
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – Herbicides and hair dyes
  • Testicular cancer – Pesticides and hormone residues in meats
  • Childhood leukemia – Ionizing radiation, preservatives in meat (like hotdogs), and parental exposures to carcinogens
  • Ovarian cancer in African-American women over 65 – Genital use of talc powder

With everything we DO know about cancer, the official attitude of indifference to prevention is appalling and immoral.

“We are really dealing with overwhelming policy ineptitude which verges on the criminal on the part of directors of the National Cancer Institute and other Federal agencies,” says Epstein.

… What is happening to us?

Why don’t we exercise some degree of control over those who are supposed to guide us, direct us?”


Now how about some solutions?

See and start glowing with health!


….. And, please, if you see any of my four lovely daughters, tell them to read this post and listen to their dad!



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