GAP the Government Accountability Project

Dr.  Weeks’ Comment:    Anyone can whistle!    Whistle blowing is a noble, courageous and highly patriotic deed – one which assures the critic of consequent abuse and harassment from the cheating organization but to blow the whistle on corruption is a selfless act which makes the world a better place.   GAP  the government accountability project has been supporting whistle blowers since 1977 and is the leading advocate for legal and policy reform.  I am honored to be invited to serve on this august Board of Directors so I invite my readers to  1)  review the website 2) to whistle blow any corruption you witness (rather than doing the easy thing of looking the other way!)  and to 3) consider supporting the efforts of GAP.

Here is a summary of current projects:

(I am particularly interested in the public health projects although GAP’s courageous act of shining the light on Paul Wolfowitz’s World Bank corruption ranks a close second!   see )

As the nation’s leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization, GAP accepts clients from across the country who raise concerns that affect the public interest. While the breadth of topics that we handle has no limits, over the past 30-plus years, many high-profile cases featuring GAP clients have led the organization to develop program areas which demand GAP’s constant attention.

These various focuses allow GAP to effectively monitor key government agencies, certain types of corporations, and select international institutions on an ongoing basis. Again, however, the clients that GAP accepts often fall outside of these boundaries.

Our current program areas include:

Corporate & Financial Accountability: Making recommendations to corporations, and watching national & international financial institutions

Environment: Monitoring the use of climate science data, environmental agencies, and nuclear facilities

Food Integrity: Conducting the Food Integrity Campaign to spur the strengthening of the current American food system

Government Employees: Covering federal employees, D.C. Government employees and others

Homeland Security & Human Rights: Monitoring government actions regarding disaster accountability, poltically-motivated discrimination, surveillance, secrecy &  transparency, and torture

International Reform: Watchdogging the World Bank, regional development banks, International Monetary Fund, and United Nations

Legislation: Watching current legislation and advocating for better whistleblower protections

Litigation: Covers a wide range of cases before administrative agencies and courts in a variety of jurisdictions.

Public Health: Monitoring drug safety & medical device safety

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