More research supporting IPT

J BUON. 2009 Oct-Dec;14(4):711-5.

Low dose chemotherapy in combination with insulin for the treatment of advanced metastatic tumors. Preliminary experience.

Damyanov C, Radoslavova M, Gavrilov V, Stoeva D.

Medical Center of Integrative Medicine, Sofia, Bulgaria.


Toxic effects and chemoresistance are serious problems concerning chemotherapy administration. Until now adequate solutions have not been found. In the past few years, while searching for possibilities to decrease toxicity, chemotherapy given in low, frequent doses – a novel strategy called “metronomic” administration – showed promising results.

There is also another method for applying low doses of chemotherapeutics at short intervals, called Insulin Potential Therapy (IPT). It combines standard chemotherapy schemes, using lower doses of anticancer drugs and the hormone insulin which is administered intravenously (i.v.).

We present hereby 3 cases of our original practice, which demonstrate the efficiency of IPT in the treatment of metastatic tumors, following failure of standard chemotherapy.

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