My mother made me do it….

Dr. Weeks Comment:      It is a shame that grown men still blame their mothers….  For that matter, that grown men blame anyone but themselves for their actions of sexually abusing children.  And more shame upon their bosses  who condone this shirking of responsibility!

In medical school also,  women get disrespected :  for years (up until more women started attending medical school than men) illnesses were blamed on mothers:  schizophrenia was blamed on “schizophrenogenic mothers” and autism was blamed on “refrigerator mothers”.   I would have liked to be in the medical school class that morning when one indignant female medical student finally raised her hand (after being told mothers caused schizophrenia and autism) and inquired of the august professor exactly what SCIENCE supported that assertion!

Now pedophilia and sexual abuse of children is being blamed on the mothers.


I liked the recent NYTimes editorial  We need a Nope


Perhaps it is time for a modern version of Pope Joan (elected 854 AD but stoned to death in 857 when found to be pregnant).


For now, why not read the paper trail between the Catholic leadership and you decide: “Stephen had a very domineering mother….


But if you want to put all this waste of human potential in perspective, read  Uppity Women of  Medieval Times by Vicki Leon with attention to page 162  – Pope Joan and Pope Manfreda.

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