Cancer and sugar

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:

Oncologists use PET scans to identify where cancers are because PET scans reveal concentrations of radio-labeled sugar molecules which cancers crave – since cancers eat sugar quite greedily.


Here is a refresher course on a “new” way to kill cancers which was first used in the 1950’s….


(not so new after all – actually,  IPT is arguable the oldest chemotherapy in continuous use in North America,  yet few oncologists have heard of it….)



Corrective Cancer Care (CCC) with Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

Losing the War on Cancer

All evidence suggests that using conventional cancer care (chemotherapy, surgery and radiation) we have lost the war on cancer. Increasingly, when doctors get cancer, even oncologists and other medical doctors refuse to take the very treatments which they recommend to their patients! The ironic and tragic fact is that today, there are more people living off cancer than there are people dying from this horrible disease. What can be done? What are your best options? Who has answers?

The Smarter Cancer Care Option

Cancer cells have an Achilles heel – a unique vulnerability – they need sugar. That is all they eat –  sugar. They crave it.  And they eat a lot more sugar than regular cells do  – 17 times more to be exact, in the case of a breast cancer cell.  How can cancer cells eat more sugar than regular cells?  The reason is because cancer cells have more insulin receptors (think of these as “mouths” – image a cancer cell has 17 mouths compared to a regular cell having only 1 mouth!) than regular cells which only have a few insulin receptors.

How it Works

So what happens when we give you insulin to lower your blood sugar level (just like when an insulin dependent diabetic takes insulin)? This starves your cancer cells more than it does your regular cells.  What happens when cancer cells are deprived of sugar? They get very ravenous and search everywhere for sugar. They gobble anything that looks like sugar and if we give you very low doses (like 1/10th the dose) of conventional chemo drugs with a little sugar at the same time that your cancer cells are careening around in search of something to eat, they will gobble up the chemo drugs preferentially along with whatever sugar is available. Being pigs (remember those 17 “mouths”?) , the cancer cells don’t share  – so very few of your regular healthy cells get any sugar or any chemotherapy drugs which is why our patients call this  “side-effect free chemotherapy”,  a “kinder and gentler chemo” which is “hard on cancer but easy on the patient”.

What Testing is available?

You are unique. We will test to find out which cancer-killing agents are the most effective for you. Genetic and micronutrient and chemosensitivity testing allow us to customize your treatment for maximum benefits. In fact, we offer treatment protocols to enhance your immune system in order to kill cancer and help prevent it from returning.
Who is Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. ?

Dr. Weeks is the only medical doctor in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Utah, as well as in British Columbia and Alberta Canada who offers Corrective Cancer Care with IPT. He was trained in this innovative approach in 2002 and is one of only 5 medical doctors in American certified to instruct other physicians in this treatment.

Survive and Thrive

If you, or someone you love, has cancer and want a smart and aggressive approach, get answers:

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Then call us at  The Weeks Clinic for Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry – 360-341-2303 and get your questions answered.




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