Cell phones and honey bees

New study finds cell phones kill honey bees

by Jessica Harthorn
NBC News video

BURT — A recent study has found that radiation from cell phones may be killing the honey bee population.

In a recent report in the journal Current Science, scientists are claiming that mobile phones are behind the disappearance of honey bees in Europe and North America.

They say radiation from cell phones is getting in the way of honey bees’ navigation senses, making them so confused they lose their way home.

This new research may explain why the bee population has declined for years in what’s being called Colony Collapse Disorder.

NBC 25 talked with Gary Briggs, a local beekeeper who says something needs to be done about this, because it’s becoming harder and harder to keep his bees alive.

“If we keep losing bees, pretty soon we are going to lose our food supply. So it’s a serious deal, and the sooner they can find out what’s causing it or what culmination of affects, is what I think we need to get to,” said Beekeeper Gary Briggs.

Biologists are saying that the signal coming from cell phones and their towers can be modified so that it doesn’t produce the frequency that disrupts a bees’ navigation.

And while Briggs says cell phone radiation may play a role, he’s convinced an increased use of insecticides is also contributing.

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