Eat to starve your cancer

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   The more we know, the more we simplify.  Dr. Li, at the end of this excellent and informative TED talk (see link below)  reflects the following wisdom: “What we eat is really our chemotherapy three times a day.”

I have long believed that “making it” as a plant on earth implies that the plant contains anti-cancer forces. I believe that any vital plant is a natural source of potent extracts.  We know a few of the potent anti-angiogenic extracts from common plants today: the grape offers resveratrol, the strawberry  gives us ellagic acid; the tumeric shares its incredible curcumin and even morning glory (bindweed) the source of my garden at home was a Sioux Indian cancer remedy available today as  ImmKine. I believed we soon will learn that all naturally occurring  plants –  pine needles, dandelions – even the poisonous ones Foxglove, Aconite – they all can be used medicinally.  The inspiring lecture below tells us that certain foods have active ingredients in them which shut down the supply lines to a growing tumor “anti-angiogenesis” thereby starving the cancer,  and these include many of the foods  your grandmother told you to eat! We also learn to cease and desist the consumption of white sugar and are stunned to be reminded that, despite all the billions going develop genetic treatments for cancer, that 90-95% of all cancers are caused by “environmental” factors  (5-10% by bad genes~!) . Looking more closely, we learn that of all the environmental factors (smoking, obesity, alcohol, infection etc,   that DIET  has the greatest influence: 35% of all environmental cancers are “caused by” our food choices.

TED is a great venue, so without further delay, check out

and take control of your health.

In my clinic,  many patients are grateful for Haelan 951  which is a raw, fermented, organic, non-GMO whole soy extract.

Don’t forget, though:  you get more bang for your buck by stopping eating junk than you do by selecting the best food!

We are so fearfully and wonderfully made that just stopping our suicidal diet selections allows our birthright to reassert its enthusiastic vitality.

And water –  stop the junk (soda, etc) and drink good pure water.

We have the tools – lacking only persistent common sense…

Please pass the tomato sauce!

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