Politics trumps Science

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  I have studied Xyrem (the patented version of the naturally occurring neurotransmitter GHB with sodium attached so it can be patented and cost $1000 a month instead of $40 a month) and can report that  the science supports the fact that Xyrem is a very effective remedy for fibromyalgia.  However, the government refused to allow it to be dispensed for that terrible and debilitating illness for political reasons. it might be abused.  So, how would you feel if you were denied an effective remedy for your fibromyalgia because someone else might abuse it?


FDA Panel Rejects Date Rape Drug for Fibromyalgia ….

(even though it was proven to be an EFFECTIVE  treatment)


August 21, 2010 09:03 AM EDT (Updated: August 21, 2010 09:01 PM EDT)



Jazz Pharmaceutical’s application to make the date rape drug, GHB, available for the treatment of fibromyalgia was rejected by an FDA panel yesterday””in no uncertain terms. The vote was 20-2 against expanding the use of GHB for this condition.

And the reasoning was both predictable and comforting.

According to Medpage Today, “A number of members on the Arthritis Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committees felt the potential for widespread abuse of the ”˜date rape’ drug was too great to warrant expanding the indication to a condition that affects an estimated 2% of the population.”

Amen to that.  Even though Jazz Pharmaceuticals promised to impose strict regulations on distributing this drug that they planned to call Rekinia, there is always potential for would-be rapists to get their hands on this drug. Where there’s a will, there’s almost always a way.


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