Is your ear lobe creased?

Dr. Weeks Comment:    Forget your Ps and Qs…   mind your ears!

(Are yours creased?)


Ear lobe crease and coronary artery disease:: 1,000 Patients and review of the literature

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Ear lobe creases and heart disease.

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Earlobe crease and coronary heart disease in Japanese

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Summary. To evaluate whether a significant statisti- cal correlation exists between earlobe crease
(EC) and coronary heart disease (CHD), 1000 Japanese adult patients (573 males, 427
females) were examined for the presence or absence of EC, clinical or angio- graphic

Diagonal ear-lobe crease and coronary artery sclerosis E LICHSTEIN, I CHAPMAN, PK GUPTA, … – Annals of Internal …, 1976 – Am Coll Physicians
WE PREVIOUSLY REPORTED our observations concerning the relation of a diagonal ear-lobe
crease and coronary heart disease (1, 2). In our present study we further examine this relation
by comparing the status of the crease with the degree of sclerosis and the degree of

Ear-lobe crease and coronary-artery heart disease [PDF]GG RHOADS, K YANO – Annals of Internal Medicine, 1977 – Am Coll Physicians
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