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I would like to submit a case report of a nearly terminal case of swine flu completely cured in short order by vitamin C. The doctors in the FACT group are very aware individuals, and they collectively have many brilliant and innovative ways to approach treating their patients. However, I want to make it clear that adequately dosed vitamin C, to my knowledge, has never failed to cure an acute viral syndrome. Specifically, all these doctors should now realized that H1N1, the swine flu virus, while perhaps proving to be more potent than a host of other flu viruses, need not be a feared bogeyman with vitamin C in their arsenal.

While I intend to assemble a more substantial case report from the hospital chart in the future, here are the words of my colleague in New Zealand, John Appleton:

“The short story is:

Waikato farmer goes to Fiji for holiday
Starts developing flu like symptoms–decides to tough it out Arrives back in NZ very sick–swine flu Tauranga Hospital not able to treat him (what was not known at the time is that he has leukemia–he didn’t know either) Sent him to Auckland Hospital–continues to deteriorate–Tamiflu–antibiotics etc. (usual stuff) Brother-in-law (knows a bit about vitamin C) contacts Thomas Levy in the US who refers him to me I provided a lot of info on vitamin C etc and referred family to CAM (Centre for Advanced Medicine) in Auckland Family pushes to get him some IVC–hospital refuses CAM doctors encourages hospital then to try vitamin C Patient deteriorates further and is on life support–family told nothing more can be done and life support will be switched off on Monday. Lungs not functioning.
Family says NO–until everything has been tried–they won’t agree to life support being ‘switched off’.
Hospital is pushed hard to give him IVC and reluctantly they agree. (50 grams twice a day I think) saying if no improvement by Friday that’s it Patient shows signs of improvement by Wednesday–hospital very surprised Concerns expressed about kidneys (which we anticipated) New specialist wants to stop vitamin C–family is told liver is failing ’caused by vitamin C’. I give them lots of data to say liver is more likely to be affected by antibiotics.
Patient recovery continues to the point where he can be transferred to Waikato (closer to home); on ventilator and NG tube feeding Doctors there more receptive to vitamin C but won’t agree to continue as per Auckland Family gets (name deleted) high profile lawyer involved who writes letter about patient rights and rings hospital to recommend that they can either sort it out with the family or……?
Hospital continues with VC albeit at a much lower dose. CAM doctor travels to Waikato to endorse and recommend IVC at higher doses. I have heard that the lawyer was shocked at     what she learned about hospital system
Patient continues to recover–now conscious (thinks he has only been in hospital 3 days)–now 8 weeks in total Hospital staff stunned–never seen anything like this Patient is told by brother-in-law that VC has saved him Family absolutely blown away at what has gone on. Wife has not lost her husband and children have their father.
Patient now fully ‘with it’ and is talking normally with family and taking Lypospheric vitamin C (6 grams daily)”

For those doctors wondering about doses, I communicated directly with the brother-in-law. He informed me that on the Tuesday following the initial “deadline” 25 grams was given intravenously. On Wednesday, 25 gram infusions were again repeated twice. Thursday the patient received 75 grams, and starting on Friday he received 100 grams intravenously and stayed at this dose daily for another 4 to 6 days. Then the new consultant had the vitamin C discontinued completely. One week later, the IVC was restarted at only one gram twice daily.

Please resend this case history to any and all who you think could benefit, including your friends and contacts in our government. The latest info on the swine flu indicates it certainly has the potential capacity to become a great killer. This does not have to be the case. Obviously, a reasonable daily dose of vitamin C could be expected to do an even better job at preventing H1N1 while having no downside relative to the mass vaccinations getting ready to take place.

Below find the link to the New Zealand 60 Minutes show on the “terminal” advanced swine flu patient cured with intravenous vitamin C. Also note toward the end of the clip that the patient’s hairy cell leukemia “disappeared” as well. The abilities of properly utilized vitamin C are slowly but surely beginning to be recognized.

Best regards to you all,

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

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