from Faust

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:    the practice of medicine instills compassion and humility as the years go on!



“Everything fails me – every thing –

These instruments, do they not all

Mock me? Lathe, cylinder, and ring,

And cog and wheel – in vain I call

On you for aid,  ye keys of Science,

I stand before the guarded door

Of Nature; but it bids defiance

To latch or ward: in vain I prove

Your powers – the strong bolts will not move.

Mysterious, in the blaze of day,

Nature pursues her tranquil way:

The veil she wears, if hand profane

Should seek to raise, it seeks in vain,

Though from her spirit thine receives,

When hushed it listens and believes,

Secrets – revealed, else vainly sought,

Her free gift when man questions not,

Think not with levers or with screws

To wring them out if she refuse.”

Goethe’s Faust

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