Plastic Sushi

Dr. Weeks Comment:  out of sight, out of mind,  but NOT out of this world!  Our trash remains OUR trash and it is showing up in your food!~



Apr 6, 2009 … Aboard JUNKraft, Eriksen collected rainbow runner fish, commonly served in restaurants, and found plastic particles in their stomachs. …

Aug 23, 2010 … If these plastics are just starting to be accumulating in fish stomachs, it could forecast issues in years ahead. …

Soft plastics found in trout stomachs
soft plastics remain in fish’s stomach News. … angled trout and salmon with indigestible soft plastic lures in their stomachs. …

Plastic Sushi
48 sec – Aug 20, 2008 Uploaded by annarubiecita

Longnose Lancetfish Ate PLASTIC
2 min – Nov 19, 2008 Uploaded by HumboldtMike

Plastic in 40% of turtle stomachs
A study of leatherback turtles shows plastic in the guts of around 40% in ……/plastic-in-40-of-turtle-stomachs.html

Skinny Fish, Big Reason | The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide …
As I made the first cut, the fish’s stomach rolled out. It was packed tight. I cut the stomach and pulled out four soft plastic baits, in varying degree of …

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