Eminem’s Ambien

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:    the sleep industry is a $26 Billion a year (domestic) business where the patients are not happy (they do not feel refreshed in the morning) and the doctors are not happy (we hate prescribing addictive sedating drugs which don’t really help sleep and in many cases which disrupt “sleep architecture”) .  So who is happy? The only people who are happy are the patent drug companies.

Just ask Eminem:

From current issue of Rolling Stone magazine.  Article details Eminem’s recovery from drug addiction – primarily prescription med’s like Vicodin, Ambien, and even Methadone.  He’s straight now and recording great music.

Here’s what he said:
“I don’t know if you’ve ever taken Ambien, but it’s kind of a memory-eraser.  That shit wiped out five years of my life.”



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