in the water, in the vaccines and now in the air!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Paranoia is noteworthy, but check out this 8 minute video on Population Control & Microwave Radiation by   Prof. Magda Havas;

Are microwaves affecting population growth by interfering with reproduction?  Is our love affair with wireless technology responsible for ill health?  These are the question this video explores.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  I think that much of the damage we do to ourselves and the environment is due to a combination of greed, stupidity, and insecurity, both real and imagined.  This video is intended as a wake-up call.   We are doing with microwaves what previous generations did with lead, asbestos, cigarettes and DDT.  Microwaves are making us  ill and are adversely affecting other life forms.  The sooner we become aware of this the sooner we can use this technology wisely.

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