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The 2011 Crop Of ”˜Superfoods’

January 10, 2011 11:59

Mangosteens (Photo:AFP/Getty Images)

Mangosteens (Photo:AFP/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (CBS 2) ”” It’s not every day that you see a mangosteen or sea buckthorn berries in your supermarket, but you’re very likely to see them now.

Both fruits are part of the latest batch of “superfoods” proven to contain high amounts of nutrients, and some health experts said “very small amounts can affect the body profoundly.”

“You’re going to feel a lot better and you’re going to look a lot better in a very short period of time,” Dr. Nicholas Perricone told CBS 2”²s Dr. Holly Phillips.

The latest superfoods list includes cinnamon, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, watercress and the aforementioned sea buckthorn berries and mangosteen.

Perricone said each of the foods has a unique health benefit.

Cinnamon: “It’s an anti-oxidant, powerful anti-inflammatory, its anti-bacterial,” Perricone said. New clinical studies showed even a small amount daily could do everything from lower cholesterol to help control blood sugar levels.

Green Vegetables: “Two really important studies out of the U.K. show that it can inhibit the growth of breast cancer and at the same time, prevent the formation of breast cancer,” Perricone said.

Mangosteen: Experts said the tropical fruit can help fight aging.

Sea Buckthorn Berries: “It’s one of the only foods on the planet that has the fatty acid omega-7. Omega fatty acid 7 is incredible for the skin, the hair,” Nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Duncan said.

Selena Cate is among those who incorporated a number of high-nutrient foods in her 2010 diet with great results. This year, she said she’s looking forward to doing the same.

“I probably eat superfoods every day,” she said. “I just feel all around mentally happier and healthier.”

Rounding out the list were yogurt and an ingredient found in grape juice and red wine called Resveratrol, which studies have shown has anti-aging properties and can help prevent heart disease. Experts also noted you don’t need to eat much of the superfoods to reap the benefits.

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