“Like oil on the water” – omega 6 fatty acids and brain function

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Any discussion about psychiatric drugs, especially their side-effects, brain damage in the form of tardive dyskinesia etc.,  is incomplete without an appreciation of the healthy and protective effect of essential fatty acids – omega 6 seed oils in particular.  In a prior iteration of this post, I endorsed fish oil.  I no longer endorse fish or krill or any concentrated marine oil. Instead, I endorse seed oils for three simple reasons:  1) fish /krill oil suffocates cells by compromising cell membrane transportation of oxygen (seed oils actually transport oxygen into cells in a manner similar to insulin transporting sugar into cells);  2) fish/krill oil is unstable at body temperature (98.6) whereas it acts like a beneficial anti-freeze in fish swimming in arctic waters;  3) a close examination of the peer-reviewed scientific research shows that as a whole, the quality of research is poor and overly influenced by factors other than science.  
At this point, I encourage all psychiatrists to never prescribe psychiatric drugs without protecting the brain with anti-inflammatory omega 6 seeds – the whole crushed seed being more nutrient dense and beneficial than simply extracted oils (black cumin, Chardonnay grape, black / red raspberry, and  evening primrose, or flax/borage/walnut oil. 

All psychiatric illnesses are made worse by inflammation 

As a medical doctor and psychiatrist,  I am pleased to share this life-changing information with you.

To summarize: All neuro-cognitive disorders from nervous breakdowns to anxiety to depression to PTSD  – even autism and sleep disruption are made worse by inflammation.

Imagine trying to drive your car at night with no headlights on and no windshield wipers working… tough going.

That is what an autistic child experiences – a storm of neuro-inflammatory cytokines.

Same with any psychiatric illness – their experience is similar to not hitting the right radio station – too much static until FINALLY clear reception (with anti-inflammation).

RAIN products support cognitive function and it feels just as if you turned on the head lights and turned on the windshield wipers!

Much easier driving now and clearer reception.

Eat the seed!

The following information, really impresses me so I share it with you!

Here is more science about how autism as well as seizures and  all psychiatric diagnoses are neuro-inflammatory in nature and aided by SOUL and CORE.nutritional psychiatry

Depression is inflammatory – WeeksMD | WeeksMD


Jul 22, 2014  Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Depression is a horrible disease but the treatment is simple: CorThot and raw organic seeds as antiinflammatory agents.

Autism and Inflammation: Rx SOUL – WeeksMD | WeeksMD


Nov 28, 2013  So depression is an inflammatory disease, but where does the … as well as activation of the compensatory antiinflammatory reflex system.

Antiinflammation and Schizophrenia – WeeksMD | WeeksMD


Note that Nutritional Psychiatry is in the ascendency  – per LANCET so people suffering from psychiatric illnesses need anti-inflammtory agents.

The problem is all over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs are toxic to the liver and kidney and can cause life-threatening gastric bleeding

so psychiatrists are fearful of giving these to psychiatric patients who may overdose with them.

But SOUL (made from whole, cold-pressed organic non-GMO seeds) is the most centsible (“safe, effective and cost-effective”) powerful and safe anti-inflammatory.

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