Radiation in the air – take your Iodine!

See the weather map and where the prevailing winds are carrying the radioactive iodine (I-131)  and make your decisions in an informed manner – curious how little we are hearing from our government…



1) Brown SeaweedExtract (Glandregen/Modifilan)

2) SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide)

3) IodAssist

4) Lugols Stong Iodine  solution

(all available at the Weeks Clinic   360-341-2303)

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Stricken nuclear plant’s No.3 reactor ‘may have cracked’ as Fukushima Fifty workers are treated for radiation contamination


iTunes Radiation Map Tracker app – I just bought RadMap (RadTracker) from the iTunes store for $0.99. It is currently just a static map of the world with monitoring spots that are supposed to show radiation levels when you touch them. They don’t work yet, but this kind of software front-end has the potential to be tied into a real time radiation map.

Livestream iTunes app: Al Jazeera, BBC and other feeds are accessed with this viewer for iPad or iPhone.

Live NHK Japan News and Video link (English)

Fukushima Live Webcam

Japan Radioactivity Map

MEXT – Ministry of Education Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan

NISA – Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency

Japan Atomic Industrial Forum

EPA – US Environmental Protection Agency

Online Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Map

Nuclear Power Plants Around the World

Finland Radiation Monitoring – Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

Dutch Radiation Monitoring

Swiss Radiation Monitoring


Europe Radioactivity Maps

Northern Hemisphere Cryosphere Conditions

Northwest Pacific Infrared Loop

Weather Model – Global Jet Stream Wind and 250 mb Pressure


Jet Stream Analyses and Forecasts

Realtime radiation data collected via the System for Prediction of Environment Emergency Dose Information (SPEEDI)

Telascience Map Visualization – twenty-three values from two hundred+ stations, every ten minutes, including: radiation level, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation

RDTN created this site to display the reliable data readings as they become available

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