Laser Surgery problems corrected by MEBO

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Burn patients have what experts consider the worse pain of all  –   MEBO relieves that pain better than any other safe and effective agent.  See this article following on the treatment of iatrogenic laser surgery wounds.


Effect of MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing on the Wound Caused by Laser Surgery on Naevus Flammeus Site

HAN Sheng, ZHU Hao, WANG Xiao, et al.

Department of Burns & Plastic Surgery of Hebei People’s Hospital, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, 050051, China

【Abstract】 Objective: To observe the effect of MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing on relieving pains and shortening the wound healing time for the wound caused by laser surgery on Naevus Flammeus site. Method: The 42 cases of Naevus Flammeus patients post laser surgery were randomly divided into test group and control group. Test group was dressed with MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing and control group was applied with ciprofloxacin gel. The pain degree and wound healing time were compared between the two groups. Results: The pain degree in test group was notably lower than that in control group (P<0.01) and the duration of pain and wound healing time were shorter obviously than that in control group (P<0.01) Conclusion: MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing has remarkable efficacy in relieving pains and promoting wound healing of the wound caused by laser surgery.

With the development of laser technology in recent years with its selective photothermy character, laser surgery has become the top choice to treat naevus flammeus. However, there are post surgery complications occurring like pains, flare, errhysis, blister, scab similar to I to superficial II degree burn wound. The conventional typical method like topical use of ciprofloxasin has disadvantages including delayed healing time, heavy pains and discoloration at the late stage. From November of 2006, MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing was used and compared with ciprofloxasin gel for post laser surgery wound treatment and satisfactory results were obtained as reported below:


MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing is a physiological moist dressing composed of technology and ingredients catered for in situ skin regenerative restoration as well as sesame-oil-and-beeswax-immersed non-woven fabrics and auto-adhesive patch, developed by Chinese scholars in recent years based on the theory of Regenerative Medicine founded by Prof. Xu Rongxiang. Such dressing characterized by its special “net-in-net” structure can isolate the wound from damages by the air and secondary contaminations on one hand, and sesame oil contained in the dressing can alleviate local inflammatory cell exudation and infiltrate and reduce toxins production in order to reduce wound injuries on the other hand. When using MEBO dressing to dress the wound, there will be a layer of transparent fabric isolation-membrane formed between the wound surface and the dressing. That membrane is lipoprotein complex composed of ingredients in the dressing reacted with lipids and plasma proteins on the wound surface, which has functions of establishing and maintaining the physiological moist environment of the wound, resembling characters and functions of the “semi-permeable membrane” and also invigorating the proliferation of epithelial cells and fibroblast. In addition, some researchers used Moist Exposed Burn Ointment (MEBO) to treat wound after laser surgery on naevus flammeus site and obtained satisfactory results[4,5]. Therefore, we applied MEBO dressing in clinic which containing MEBO ointment’s ingredients in its uniquely designed MEBO dressing and in combination with characters of the wound after laser surgery on naevus flammeus site, and also attained notable results.

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