Electrical Pollution – The White Paper

Electrical Pollution – The White Paper

Executive Summary:

Electrical Pollution, ubiquitous in 21st century, being easily quantifiable is today essentially irrefutable. However, the main barrier to addressing this environmental problem is the power utilities lobby and the issues of liability. Electrical pollution is an engineering problem with wide-spread health repercussions (cancer, diabetes, MS, etc) for which an elegant engineering solution exists today.


Radio wave sickness is the result of electrical pollution created by high frequency transients that are generated by energy saving devices (increasingly used in electrical appliances since the oil 1972 embargo) in homes and offices. Research shows that frequencies between 4 kilo Hertz and 100 kilo Hertz are the most biologically active. I want to share with you the severity of the problem as well as the solution. Here are some quick examples: (when we get together in Bay area, I will demonstrate some actual measurements)

1) My Dell laptop, thanks to its switch mode power supply (changes the alternating currents to direct currents), creates high frequency transients (25 kilo Hertz) on the wires of my office building. This renders my office analogous to a large microwave oven. I have corrected that pollution problem and want to show you how we did it.

2) Wind power and solar power are very promising, but when the wind or sun creates energy at the generator or storage batteries the, conversion to electricity from AC to DC (for storage) and then back to AC for usage creates high frequency transients that are very toxic health problems ranging from headaches, to MS, cancer and diabetes. These frequencies are applied to the electrical grid and travel great distances into people’s homes and work places. There is a very simple engineering solution: the Graham Stetzer filter. Professor Martin Graham, Emeritus UC Berkley designed, along with my friend David Stetzer (from Wisconsin www.stetzerelectric.com) a simple meter to measure, and high frequency filters which short out these toxic energy. As a medical doctor, I recommend these for all my patients in order to prevent neurological and immunological illnesses.

3) DECT portable phones are toxic because unlike the earlier Uniden versions which transmit only when the person speaks into it, the modern more powerful DECT phones emit 24/7. Many people have these base stations in their bedrooms and that is analogous to sleeping beside a radio tower which emits high energy RF transmitted signals.

4) Compact Fluorescent Lights (the curly cue bulbs) – these bulbs are toxic since they put between 50 kilo Hertz and 100 kilo Hertz back on to the buildings wires. In addition to polluting the wires they also radiate the same frequencies through the air.

Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.


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