Magnesium – fabulous mineral.

Dr Weeks Comment:   sore backs, headaches, fibromyalgia,  restless legs,  neck pain, PMS cramps,  angina, –  for any “spasm”  think  “magnesium”  (they rhyme almost…) – today a fellow came in for one problems and mentioned he was going to have his disc injected for chronic back pain so we discussed IV magnesium push and he consented (being fully informed) and within 5 minutes the pain was gone.    Topical magnesium applied at site reinforced the benefit and off he want – two problems solved for the price of one.

Take your magnesium.

Side-effect of too much is loose stools so push to bowel tolerance.


UPDATE from my friend Don:

Low Magnesium Levels Increase Risk of Sudden Death

Magnesium is a mineral that is very important for the body. Unfortunately, research has shown that the majority of Americans do not ingest enough magnesium. Some reports state that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. What is magnesium needed for?

In fact, there are over 300 enzymes that are dependent on magnesium. Furthermore, magnesium is needed to maintain optimal bone health, as well as cardiac, neurologic, and immune system functioning. Both the thyroid and adrenal glands depend on adequate magnesium for optimal functioning.
I have been checking magnesium levels for nearly 20 years and I am still amazed at how many patients are severely low in magnesium.

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2011;93:253-60) found that, in women, the risk of sudden cardiac death was inversely related to magnesium intake and magnesium blood levels. In fact, there was a 37% increase risk of sudden cardiac death in women who had the lowest magnesium levels compared to women who had the highest levels.

Magnesium is an inexpensive mineral. Magnesium is found in unrefined salt, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and nuts. The only side effect with magnesium supplementation is loose stools. This is easily treated by lowering the dose. Average doses of magnesium for supplementation range from 200-600mg/day.

More ADA Nonsense

The dieticians””RD’s””are trying to pass a law in each state which mandates that only RD’s can legally discuss nutrition with patients. This effort is being promoted by the American Dietetic Association (ADA). “The ADA claims that it strives to improve the nation’s health and advance the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy. If only that were true. It makes you wonder, since their corporate sponsors/partners include Pepsi-Cola, Coca Cola, Mars, Hershey’s General Mills and others.”
As reported by the Alliance for Natural Health, the credentialing arm of the ADA has approved a program created by the Coca Cola Company Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness. This program will review the “urban myths” about the safety of food ingredients. RD’s who participate in the program will earn registered continuing professional education credits.
This program will teach dieticians that fluoride, sugar, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners have been “carefully examined for their effects on children’s health, growth, and development.”

Give me a break. The ADA is beyond repair. The ADA has sold out to corporate America and should not be trusted to provide any credible nutritional information. Unfortunately, the majority of RD’s toe the ADA corporate line. Thank goodness, there are a few (unfortunately, a very few) RD’s who think for themselves.

The take home message is that the ADA should be ignored or better yet, disbanded. It is important for all of us to oppose the state legislative bills giving RD’s the sole power to discuss nutrition with patients. Since most RD’s have no knowledge of proper nutrition, they should be the last group solely licensed to discuss nutrition with patients.





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