Fake blueberries! How low can they stoop?

Buyer Beware — You get what you pay for.

Why do real foods and nutrients cost more?
Because the other companies strive to deceive you on their labels.

Learn what to look for on the label in this short video and be amazed.

Did you think that the FDA was protecting you from toxic chemicals and deceptive practices in food? Think again!! They work for Big Pharma –

If they can do this to blueberries, imagine what happens in restaurants when you can’t read a label

Look at what several BIG food companies are doing to make huge profits.   This is despicable!

Would you have thought Kelloggs or Betty Crocker would intentionally deceive you this way? Or that the FDA would approve of this practice?

Watch for yourself, they are killing us little by little. Here is the link.


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